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Rantings, Ravings, & Ramblings of the Astute... (or Unhinged)

FUCKING RANTING FROTHING MADWelcome to our Politics and Rants section. Do you want anger? Barely suppressed rage? Do you want to wake up happy about your day, and then, have it twisted into white-hot fury, hatred, and loathing? If the answer is yes, then you've found the right place.

Pull up a soap-box, ready your blood-pressure medication, and prepare to get pissed right the fuck off. Here, the most irate, cranky, and down-right nasty guild members unload with both barrels at any deserving target to wander down-range. Got a sacred cow? That sucks for you. Around these parts we blast cows with mortars. Then we eat them, still smoking.

Why do this? Why do we bother banging walls and shrieking to the deaf and disinterested? Simple: When our lives, our nation, and our world are jumping off the rails, the only sane response is insanity - and being righteously pissed off over it.

Rants of Legend:

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Live Free or Die
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Modern American Hate Groups
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