Politics & Rants

We Do Not Surrender Liberty for the Actions of a Lunatic. Period.

Dear blathering, blubbering, sputtering Prog-Nazis, Concern Mongers and Insufferable Bloombergian Nanny's:

No more gun laws will be tolerated - and as you pricks have seen in Washington, Colorado, Connecticut and New York, we gleefully wipe our ass with your pathetic gun regulations - and laugh at you and your impotent Stasi. Any new infringements will be summarily ignored. Anyone so foolish as to attempt enforcement had best get their affairs well ordered beforehand - seeing as we will only allow the "confiscation" of our weapons hot, dirty and empty.

Furthermore, you don't have enough jack-boots to take our weapons before we rise up and knock the civil society on it's ear - taking the infrastructure and economy down in the same heartbeat. We represent one of the most heavily armed standing armies in the entire world, and we outnumber your "forces" hundreds to one. Not only are we, the American patriots, saying "Fuck You," the logistics of your fantasy itself says "Eat Shit and Die." You could not enforce this even if you yellow gutless puss-bags had the gonads to try.

But of course... when did "reality" put a stop to the Fabian leftist agenda? After all - look how your nations run abroad... you're clearly not enamored with math, logic or rational thought... so... for the sake of posterity... allow us a moment to explain the repercussions in a way so simple even the whelps reared in the Marxist indoctrination centers we call "Public Schools" can grok:

Should the fools spouting weapons confiscation nonsense deeply and earnestly wish to recreate the Yugoslavian War here in the United States... well then... we find your proposition acceptable - if regrettable. But know this - once we've dealt with all the storm troopers, (and hung the men who sent them), we'll be coming for those who supported'em. If you wish to usher in the next great American tragedy, we're prepared to grant your desire - but do so understanding this is war to oblivion. When the rubble settles, there will either be no more of us or there shall be no more of you. The children of those few survivors will have a lifetime to feel guilty over the atrocities collectively committed in the civil war you wish to kick off.

The citizen-disarmament blood-dancers are warned. We speak for tens of millions on this issue.

You. Get. Nothing.