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The warrior is the primary tank of Diablo I. They strike harder in melee, swing weapons faster, enjoy superior hit recovery and rebound from shield blocks measurably better than the other three classes. Additionally warriors have the strength to wear the heaviest armor and equip the most damaging weapons, which, coupled with their superior hit point pool, makes them the best class for tanking face first into giant mobs of hellspawn.

The warrior's downsides are their low mana and low base magic stat, limiting the number and level of their spells. In fact, very quickly, a warrior will find himself completely reliant on shrines to raise his spell levels towards the maximum level.

Spell Recommendations:

• Stone Curse
• Ring of Fire
• Guardian
• Healing
• Reflect
• Mana Shield
• Town Portal
• Identify
• Search
In-Game Icon:

Primary Stats:
Primary: Strength
Secondary: Vitality
Tertiary: Magic

Recommended Gear:
• Kings *Anything of Haste
• Kings *Anything of Blood
• King's *Anything of Vampires
• King's *Anything of Slaught.
• Mecherschmidt's Reaver
• Saintly Plate of the Lion
• Demonspike Coat
• Saintly *Anything of the Lion
• Helm of Spirits
• Stormshield
• Saintly Goth. Sld. of Stars
• Saintly Goth. Sld. of Lion
• Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac
• Obsidian Ring of the Titan
• Lion's Ring of Life
• Obsidian Amulet of Harmony
*One-Handed Weapon
**Heavy Helm

Top Spells:
warrior warrior
warrior warrior

Class Skill:
warriorItem Repair: This skill allows a warrior to repair a damaged item, at the cost of maximum durability. While you should NEVER use this skill on end-game equipment, it is very handy when starting a new adventure, as one can skip repairing gear that will be sold or discarded by the next level.

Noteworthy Skills:
warriorHealing: The healing spell is one of the most useful spells to a warrior. It allows him to mend damage more efficiently per potion slot than by relying totally on healing potions. However, due to his slower natural casting speeds, this healing will be restricted to "out of combat" recovery - you will be interrupted when mobbed by demons.

warriorStonecurse: This magic will greatly help a warrior pin down the frustrating ranged attackers that shoot projectiles and run when you advance on them. If you are careful, you can pin entire packs in a small room, and then hack them into kibble.

Equipment Suggestions:
warriorEarly and mid-game, a giant 2-handed axe or mace will help a warrior plow through the prime evil's minions in a gratifying series of splats. Late game however, a fast weapon, shield, and the best possible armor class become hugely important to avoid getting surrounded and stun-locked. For extremely difficult areas, some Hellfire Expansion Warriors keep enough bonus to Magic equipment to actually use the spell Apocalypse - from a scroll, charged Staff, or Ultra-rare book (Hellfire only).

Keep a CLOSE eye out for "Enchanted Shrines." These shrines reduce a single spell by one level, and increase ALL others by a level. In the end, this is the only legit way a warrior can max out most of his magical spells.

warrior warrior warrior