Torchlight Class Information


The Outlander is Torchlight II's primary ranged class. They are a hybrid of magic user and rogue - as such, they are able to rely on magical glaive attacks, gun-play, or even as a passable summoner. The Outlander has a large collection of potent buff and debuff hexes, which are intended to help mitigate their glass-jaw.

The strongest Outlander builds make use of the Glaive spells to mince packs of enemies into dog-food. Backed up with Venomous Hail and a quick-bar worth of status-effects, the caster Outlander is an effective, if fragile, killer.

Another Outlander spec option is the use Pistols, Bows, Crossbows, or Shotgunns. These characters tend to rely on Rapid Fire and Chaos Burst for the bulk of their killing, and they can be quite effective if geared very carefully. Rune Vault and Burning Leap become necessary escape tools for these flavors of Outlanders, who will live or die based on their ability to keep enemies outside melee range.

An Outlander CANNOT take big hits. Period. Don't try to face-tank anything. Ever. Pretty much any "telegraphed" monster attack will result in a kill or near-kill. Due to this, in the post 100 content, a shield is highly desirable for any Outlander build. (Goddamned-Trolls).


• Venomous Hail
• Chaos Burst
• Rune Vault
• Akimbo
• Ranged Mastery
• Glaive Throw
• Flaming Glaves
• Burning Leap
• Share the Wealth
• Poison Burst
• Stone Pact
• Blade Pact
• Repulsion Hex
• Master of the Elements
• Death Ritual
Recommended Spells:
outlander outlander
outlander outlander

Primary Stats:
Primary: Focus
Secondary: Strength
Tertiary: Vitality

Recommended Pet:
• Spider
• Molebeast
• Swampflyer

Pet Spells:
outlander outlander
outlander outlander
Note: Nether Imp II-V

An Outlander needs to stack % cast speed as a priority - virtually any meaningful damage skill will require rapid casting. For Rapid Fire Outlanders, % attack speed is an important mod, as it is applied to the damage-per-second calculation. Percentile Mana Steal is another important power, (as well as Mana Poor Regeneration), as most Outlander skills are very power-hungry.

The Unearthly, Labarinto, and Bloodsteam sets are all good armor collections for a Pistol or Shotgunne Outlander. For a Glaive caster, the Sentinel, Valkyrie, and Celestial sets, (coupled with a solid caster shield), will keep the Outlander well-away from room temperature. (Until you meet a Goddamned Troll.)

For a Gunner, Endgame, Antropophagus, Steam-Tech Nine, Clockwork Kestrel, The Death Toll, Earth's Roar, and Kriegmacher's Patented Pocket Gun are all wildly potent. A Glaive-caster will want to find a weapon that enhances poison damage with high cast speed, such as Galaxy Quest, The Swarm, Mutant Action, The Beast with a Million Eyes, Dwarfsbane, Invincible, The Earth Dies Screaming, and a four socket Silverisle Dracoduceus.

For weapons, Vellinque Skulls, Skulls of Vastok, Skulls of Zardon, and Meerko Skulls are solid choices. For armor, Skulls of Yanffer, Skulls of Limoany, Skull of Riechliu, and Skulls of Whorlbarb help with offensive power, utility, and survivability.

outlander outlander outlander