Din's Curse Class Info


Dins CurseOverview:
The Conjurer is one of the game's strongest and easiest characters to play once they reach Summon Fury - although the other summons are no slouches. Their magical attacks are lackluster compared to their minions, but Tornado is undeniably powerful.

Additionally, Conjurers are very easy to equip - once they have a sufficient minion pack, the only real concerns are resistances to cope with traps and AoE damage. This makes them very good starter and farming characters.

Though extremely fragile, a good minion wall makes actually targeting a Conjurer a challenge for even the most determined ranged attackers. The biggest threat to a Warlock/Necromancer focused character is narrow corridors trapping them in front of their swarm.

Skill Recommendations:

• Summon Fury
• Demon Mastery
• Curse of Pain
• Curse of Vulnerability
• Curse of Enfeeblement
• Raise Skeleton
• Raise Skeleton Archer
• Raise Dead
• Lich
• Dark Ritual
• Lightning Blast
• Ball Lightning
• Lightning Swarm
• Tornado
• Lightning Mastery
Noteworthy Skills:
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Primary Stats:
Primary: Vitality
Secondary: Spirit
Tertiary: Intelligence

Top Skills:
dinscurseSummon Fury: The Raise Dead and Raise Skeleton spells need corpses to generate. Fire Elementals only last a short duration. A Warlock can only summon a single Chaos Lord, and Scree's are pussy's. Summoned Fury's on the other hand? No requirements, no bodies, no fuss, no muss, no duration and no long recast timers... summon a herd of durable, chain-stunning, death dealing demons who level up into champions incredibly quickly. The pets are even smart enough to use HEALING STONES in the dungeon when low on life. There is no better summoning spell SKILL than this, and Summon Fury is so ridiculous that it will make anything... ANYTHING it's paired with viable. A player could do nothing but sink every skill point into Summon Fury, and then proceed to trash through the entire game - with near zero fear of death. This skill truly is THAT good. Any line even slightly complimentary is Godmode.

dinscurseRaise Dead: This spell lets you pick the nastiest mobs you slaughter, and enslave them to be your minion. Hulks and Fury's are the best choices, with Winged Rylor's being a great third option.

dinscurseTornado: While nowhere near as devastating as the minion lines, the Sorcerer's Tornado spell is more than strong enough to build a character around. It traps targets in a radius of swirling death, battering and freezing them to death.

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