Neverwinter Nights 2: Nightsinger's Bane

The NX4 Team:

Neverwinter NightsWriting: Sabranic

Art: Chad Springer

Editing: The NWN 2 Community

Play Testing: Xaylla, Injate, Littlepirate, Aramina, Arenaceusmaga, Swaygr, Injate and Akamas

Level Design: Sabranic, SGK73, Super Midget, Ugly_Duck, Alaster Wolf, seraphimsage, Morbane, Chaos_Theocrat, botumys, Gremlin, Issacjr, Glimmlampe, Ladyelvenstar, SDJ, Ho5a, RWS and Ithalyan.

3D Modeling: Jestemwlodzimierz, Escrimator, Schazzwozzer, MisterBritish, FokSiGen, Xaltar, rjshae, ArtEChoke, jestemwlodzimierz, Cyphre, Cyric_the_Dark, Hellfire, Daronas, Dann Pigdon, Arpharazon, 4760, Vivaldi, Geshi, VPJ, glee, Xaltar, The Grypon, Barry the Hatchet, Daggerknight, Nurgoth Do'Urden, cacysunlee, RunnerDuck, Jonny Ree, botu, paladin3333, Sim Aleph, Trinital, Zarconus and Anon-Team-Member.

Texturing: SilkD, Barrel of Monkeys, Amphibious Bagel, Kamal.

Programming: Injate, the above Anon-Team-Member and a very honorable Mention to kevL, who has made it very clear that he is not a part of the team per say - he's a knowledgeable helper who has gone above and beyond what you could call help, creating the thirst system and some extra-nasty goodies in the ToH. He also did a great deal of work in the Morbane Branch of the ToH - so he has no small amount of interest in our adaptation of it.

Item design: Sabranic, Kaldor Silverwand, Clangeddin86

Game System Design: kevL, Sabranic, Kaldor Silverwand, brockfanning, ChimneyFish, WarmachineX.

Installer Set-up/Programming: Injate

Music: Manabu Namiki, Fukasawa Hideyki, Kawai Kenji, Azusa Chiba, Norihiko Hibino, Kimihiro Abe, Takahide Ayuzawa, Yoshitaka Suzuki, Ukihiro Jindo, Masayoshi Soken, Thomas J. Bergersen, Nick Phoenix, Matt Uelmen, Jeremy Soule, Russell Cox, Rebecca Evans and Curtis Schweitzer.

Technical Support: Clangeddin86, Tchos, Kaldor Silverwand, ColorsFade, _Knightmare_, kevL, PJ156, kamal_, Lance Botelle

Special Thanks:
(Without the help of these people we'd have a pretty looking map that does nothing)
Injate, Clangeddin86, Tchos, Kaldor Silverwand, ColorsFade, _Knightmare_, kevL, PJ156, Rjshae, kamal_, Lance Botelle, The Nexus Forums, The Neverwinter Vaule, The Bioware Legacy Forums, William T. Quick and SilverDeth Prime.