Baldur's Gate

Durlag's Tower

Baldur's gate Durlag's Tower is an enormous citadel near the Wood of Sharp Teeth constructed by the dwarven hero Durlag Trollkiller. It's depths could best be described as a treasure filled deathtrap.

The top levels have been cleared of monsters, traps, and supplied as a base of operations. However - the tower's many lower levels remain full of lethal traps and deadly monsters. Exploring the sub-levels is extraordinarily dangerous, and should not be undertaken lightly.

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Durlag's Tower

Durlag's Tower is perched atop an ancient volcanic mountain, and carved from the same dark stone. It has a large initial gate keep, with a long ruined draw-bridge, which leads into a portcullis enabled central entrance on the walls. A second drawbridge protects the Towers Central keep.

To the northwest, near the are exit, a traveling businessman has set up a business selling adventuring wares to explorers poking about the ruins. He offers a wide array of ware, at a fair price.

Floorplan: Floor 1

Durlag's Tower

Floor 1: Amenities
The first floor serves as a staging area for parties venturing off or daring to enter the lower reaches. In addition to equipment storage, keys, ward stones and provisions are available in ample quantities.

A Priest maintains a store and a host of useful services, such as removing curses, dispelling poisons, and even resurrecting the fallen - for a stiff price.

Floor 1: NPCs
Several NPCs protect this area, waiting to join the party for any number of adventures. Coran, Xan, Garrick, Jaheira and her husband Khalid all await an able leader to take the reins.

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Floorplan: Floor 2

Durlag's Tower

Floor 2: Amenities Floor two is the informal banquet hall and kitchen. Here characters can congregate for meetings and planning - while grabbing a bite to eat. There are also a few small bedrooms, storage closets and an arsenal storing projectiles on the level.

A pair of merchants sell jewelry and weapons, while an Innkeep offers a selection of drinks and lodging for those looking to rest and relax.

Floor 2: NPCs
Ajantis, Kagain, Kivan, Yeslick, and the druid Faldorn are known to frequent this level, and Safana's sleeping chamber is located along the eastern wall.

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Floorplan: Floor 3

Durlag's Tower

Floor 3: Amenities Level three is the largest floor of Durlag's Tower. it is dominated by a huge library and reading room, stocked with a titanic number of spell scrolls, books, and magical tombs.

To the south is a Wizard's laboratory, well packed with spellcasting supplies, scientific tools and potions. A pair of NPC merchants have set up shops in connected chamber to the west, and sell a delightful array of scrolls and potions.

To the north is a general storeroom playing host to a selection of wines and foods. Adjacent to that, sits the tower's chapel, where powerful holy books are stored, and the NPC cleric's Vicona and Branwen worship their deities.

Finally, to the west is the master's bed chamber and storage room. Here a number of minor magical items and most of the keep's money are kept under lock and key.

Floor 3: NPCs
As this floor contains the chapel and library, most of the arcane and divine spellcasters tend to congregate here. The exceptions tend to be their companions, such as Minsc or Montoran, who restlessly wait for their ally to finish with their research or studying.

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Floorplan: Floor 4

Durlag's Tower

Floor 4: Amenities
On the fourth level of the keep, Durlag built a grand banquet hall, where he could hold splendid feats and entertain nobles from far away kingdoms. Unsurprisingly this is exactly what it get's used for by the player party.

To the south is a small finishing room, with closets full of clothing, and connected to it by a hallway stretching to the northwest is a luxurious bathing chamber.

The Floor's northern plays host to a very well stocked arsenal, capable of outfitting a large company of fighters in the event of an emergency. The selection ranges from missile weapons and their projectiles to great two-handed weapons such as great swords and polearms.

Finally, to the east is situated Imoen's private chambers, where she rests and studies when not journeying alongside her companions.

Floor 4: NPCs
The remaining NPC's typically meander about this Banquet Hall, enjoying the game tables or simply spending time by the grand fireplace. A few of the more anti-social or insane NPCs make this level their home, either enjoying the distance from others, or having been exiled here by those disgusted with their mad rambling.

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Floorplan: Basement

Durlag's Tower

Basement: Amenities
The basement of Durlag's tower conceals a hidden entrance unto the fortress's sub-levels, and near certain death.

Bayard the Thief, the last of a previous doomed expedition is often skulking about this chamber, as well as a merchant who deals in the magically cursed equipment dredged up from the lower reaches. What possible use he could have for such dangerous artifacts no sane person can fathom.

Basement: NPCs None.