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Dungeons & DragonsIf you're looking for a fun way to sink a Saturday night, you can't beat good old Dungeons & Dragons. And by "good" and "old" we mean it. Everything here is designed for the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition playing system, which was popular from 1989 to 2000.

Now, you might justifiably ask... "Why such an old version of the game?" A fair question. We'll do our best to explain.

For starters, we know how to play it. Time constraints are a thing, and we really, really don't have enough to learn a new system.

Next up is money. These books don't come cheap, and once you've amassed a serious collection, you realize your average meth habit is probably cheaper. The very notion of buying the current series at prices somewhere between Platinum Bullion and Black-Market Kidneys is a non starter.

Additionally, in terms of content, the thirteen years Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition spanned means that none - and we mean LITERALLY NONE of the proceeding systems could even begin to TOUCH the sheer amount of content provided. A fellow could spend years perusing the books, guides and boxed sets - and never read the same one twice.

Finally, most importantly - and tragically - when TSR died out, Dungeons & Dragons was purchased by Wizard of the Coast. This is a corporation filled with wretched, evil, vile and down-right loathsome Social-Justice Pink-Hairs. These creatures wasted absolutely no time purging the game of its roots in Tolkien's legendarium, and packed it full of leftist soap-boxing. Dungeons & Dragons is now reduced to ridiculous, sh*t-lib aesops and anvilicious, post-modernist trash. 3.5 was nearly intolerable, and anything beyond that is down-right repellent to anyone lacking a degree in Womyn's Studies and Racial Grievance Mongering.

So enjoy the materials presented here - we've created some of our own books, cards, and posters to make the game easier to play and more immersive.

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"The new D&D is too rule intensive. It relegated the Dungeon Master to being an entertainer rather than master of the game. Its done away with the archetypes, focused on nothing but combat and character power, lost the group cooperative aspect, bastardized the class-based system, and resembles a comic-book superheroes game more than a fantasy RPG where a player can play any alignment - not just lawful good."
- Gary Gygax on Modern D&D