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Figurines of Wondrous Power

Neverwinter Nights

Neverwinter NightsCreated by developer kevL , the Figurines of Wondrous Power are a staple in Dungeons & Dragons. These small statuettes can be used to summon life-sized versions of themselves to fight on behalf of or aid their owner in some fashion.

Some of the figurines function as support characters, casting buffs and enhancement magic on their user, while others are direct combatants, tearing enemies apart and defending their user.

All figurines self-buff on conjuring, making them excellent to summon in a tight pinch or after area transitions. Keeping pets continually empowered is always a hassle for Summoners and Druids.

Currently, we have 13 figurines and 3 golem manuals. Below is an overview of these
amazing mystic items.

Figurines of Wondrous Power:

• Amber Spider
• Lapis Lazuli Scarab
• Onyx Panther
• Onyx Dog
• Jasper Boar
• Jade Dragon
• Obsidian Steed
• Golden Lion
• Silver Serpent
• Jade Hound
• Pewter Bat
• Bronze Tiger
• Guenhwyvar
• Clay Golem
• Stone Golem
• Iron Golem

Neverwinter Nights

Each figurine summons a creature that aids the caster in some way, serving as a long lasting companion until it is slain, dismissed, or the duration expires.

Amber Spider
This reddish, spindly figurine looks like a spider. It is carved from a solid piece of brilliant amber, and is warm to the touch. Once each day, the figurine's owner can transform it into a giant spider, with a poisonous bite and the ability to cast high level web spells.

Lapis Lazuli Scarab
This small insect is carved from vibrant lapis lazuli, and set into a base of yellow gold. Once each day, the user can command the device to change into a heavily armored giant beetle. The creature is able to withstand a tremendous amounts of punishment.

Onyx Panther
This large piece of onyx is carved in the shape of a panther striking at some unseen prey. Once each day, the statue can transform into a large black panther. The creature is a powerful melee attacker, who excels at sneak attacks, stealth and silent movement.

Onyx Dog
A glossy piece of polished onyx, fashioned in the shape of a black dog. When summoned, (once per day), the animal loyally follows its owner, and is capable of casting beneficial status buffs on itself and others in the party.

Jasper Boar
This ornately carved piece of red jasper resembles a savage looking boar. Once each day, the figurine may transform into a large boar, capable of entering berserk rages and cleaving multiple foes in a single strike.

Jade Dragon
A delicate piece of green jade, carved to resemble a dragon. Once per day, the sculpture can change into a young bronze dragon, capable of casting healing spells and fighting for its owner until it's duration expires or it is slain.

Obsidian Steed
This pitch black obsidian shard has been fashioned to look like a fierce horse. Once each day, its owner can transform it into a vicious Nightmare, capable of attacking enemies and going ethereal at will.

Golden Lion
This lion is carved from a small gold ingot, and glitters in the light. Once per day, it may be commanded to transform into a mighty lion, capable of powerful melee attacks and causing fear in its enemies.

Silver Serpent
This intricate carved snake is made from sparkling silver, and shows no trace of tarnish. Once per day, the figurine can transform into a large snake, with a poisonous bite and the ability to paralyze enemies at will.

Jade Hound
A sleeping dog is carved into this piece of streaked jade. Once each day, it can be compelled to turn into a magical dog, capable of defending its owner, casting blur, and placing enemies into an enchanted slumber.

Pewter Bat
A small pewter bat, intricately carved and cold to the touch. Once a day, the sculpture can change into a shrieking, biting bat. The creature steals life from those it attacks, and it's horrible keening can confuse its enemies.

Bronze Tiger
This small bronze tiger looks incredibly lifelike, a masterpiece of casting. Once a day, the figurine may transform into a large white snow tiger, with the ability to fight enemies and cast haste on itself and others.

The Onyx Panther Guenhwyvar is a magical creature called from the Astral Plane, and is the companion of Drizzt Do'Urden. Unlike most other figurines of wondrous power, she is intelligent, free-willed and dearly loves her master. Guenhwyvar is lethal in melee combat, and is more than a match for many seasoned warriors. She is capable of killing targets instantly on high enough attack rolls.

Note 1: Anyone but Drizzt who uses Guenhwyvar will be immediately attacked by her.

Note 2: All figurines automatically gain Greater Magic Fang, Jagged Tooth, Bear's Endurance, and Bull's Strength upon summoning.

Note 3: The Golem Manuals will function in a similar manner, however, these items are upgradeable, summoning progressively stronger golems with each advancement .


Neverwinter Nights

From Left to Right:
Bronze Tiger, Golden Lion, Amber Spider, Onyx Dog, Jasper boar

Neverwinter Nights

From Left to Right:
Jade Hound, Onyx Steed, Pewter bat, Onyx Panther

Neverwinter Nights

From Left to Right:
Guenhwyvar, Jade Dragon, Silver Snake

Neverwinter Nights

From Left to Right:
Stone Solem, Iron Golem, Clay Golem