Starbound Bases - Warehouse

Inhabiting a hollowed out asteroid, the Warehouse is a secret storage center containing the majority of the objects needed to complete one's Collections Tabs. Located below and to the East of Starbase Overwatch, the facility holds a vast assortment of Capture Pods, Codex entries and artifacts.


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Food Storage And Capture Pod Bays - This portion of the Warehouse is focused on food storage and filled Capture Pods. Refrigerated containers hold an example of every known food type, while one of each hostile alien is safely held in stasis using Capture Pods. Simply picking any of these objects up will add them to your collections tab.


Blueprint Storage - These lockers contain every blueprint for racial equipment and Mech parts. By using perusing these design schematics, a player will find the recipes added to the appropriate crafting station, allowing them to craft exotic gear and more powerful Mech components.


Cargo Containers - These large shipping containers hold vast troves of collection materials. Fossils, Bug Jars, and a completed Codex library is sorted and readily accessible. There is even a full set of action figures and mineral samples for those truly intent on finishing out their character.


Perimeter Defense Grid - The Perimeter Defense Grid protects the Warehouse from hostile invaders. A hidden pressure switch and concealed trap-door allow access to the facility. Three defense turrets destroy anything that follows a player inside, while a nearby console disables the installation's lightning, effectively cloaking it inside the Silver/Copper asteroid. The Warehouse is within range of Starbase Overwatch's shield generator, and is thusly protected from errant - or malicious - sweeps of a Matter Manipulator.