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The sorcerer is the master of all things magical in Diablo. They are very ineffective in physical combat with, but what they lack in brawn, they make up for in grand-scale AoE death. High starting Mana, combined with unequaled natural Magic growth assures the character will cap any and all spells at maximum without having to carry a full twink suit. Even better, mana-shield, once upgraded, will give a well-geared sorcerer more durability than a Rogue could ever achieve.

The downsides of a Sorcerer is that they are wholly dependent on their mana to function. Any meaningful attack is powered by their blue orb or a staff charge - and among does not recharge over time, nor do the merchants in town heal it to max for free, as they do life. This means the Sorcerer is constantly bleeding money - only Rejuvenation and Mana potions can replenish their offensive battery. While destructive, this character must consider the "cost" involved with each shot fired.

Spell Recommendations:

• Fireball
• Chain Lightning
• Golem
• Mana Shield
• Reflect
• Holy Bolt
• Teleport
• Telekinesis
• Warp
In-Game Icon:

Primary Stats:
Primary: Magic
Secondary: Vitality
Tertiary: Dexterity

Recommended Gear:
• Arch-Angel's Staff of Nova
• Arch-Angel's Staff of Apoc.
• Bountiful Staff of Apocalypse
• Mindcry
• Rod of Onan
• Naj's Puzzler
• Dreamflange
• Naj's Lightplate
• Saintly Plate of the Stars
• Thinking Cap
• Saintly Greathelm of Stars • Saintly Goth. Shield of Stars
• Dragon's Ring of the Zodiac
• Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac
• Obsidian Amulet of Wizardry

Top Spells:
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sorceror sorceror

Class Skill:
sorcerorRecharge-Staves: This spell is critical when the game starts - as the Sorceror lacks the mana-pool to maintain any sort of barrage - and the spell depth to make it effective even if he tried. When used on his starter staff, and the large number of junk staves he will encounter, the sorcerer should be able to keep the distance-death going until he runs into enough books to power up his magic. Since this ability permanently reduces the maximum number of charges, it should NEVER be used on end-game equipment.

Noteworthy Skills:
sorcerorFireball: This is the bread and butter of a Sorcerer. The spell hits for twice it's listed damage, (once for the impact, and then once again for the explosion) making it the most destructive thing a player can field outside of Apocalypse. Additionally, it's cheap to cast, hits over an area, and unlike chain-lightning, flame-wave, or nova, is CONTROLLABLE. The ability to ACCURATELY project AoE damage to a location becomes priceless once a Sorcerer begins playing with others. Allies seldom appreciate getting zapped by auto-targeting lightning bolts.

sorcerorGolem: This spell becomes highly useful in the stages featuring Tri-elemental-immune monsters. That's right - you run into horrid monsters that are immune to Fire, Lightning, AND Magic, meaning that poor Mr. Sorcerer has to beat them to death somehow. Golem coupled with stone-curse is a good way to accomplish this feat. Suddenly it becomes very handy to have a large stone bruiser tanking and bashing things for you.

Equipment Suggestions:
sorcerorGearing out a Sorceror is fairly strait forward. The first priority is equipment that increases skill-levels - being this is the only way to up damage once spells hits maximum level. The next concern is having insanely high mana - as the stat functions as both ammunition and hit points once Mana Shield comes into play. Late game, a player may wish to try for a high defense build, (to minimize stun-lock), but, barring sloppy play, it's so difficult for anything not triple-immune to advance on a Sorceror that heavy armor becomes redundant.

For certain Areas, Scrolls, a Staff or a rare Book of Apocalypse, (for Hellfire Sorcerors), can significantly reduce a player's difficulty with fire + lightning, or triple-immune monsters.

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