Torchlight II Primer

Mad Ahab's Torchlight II Primer

TorchlightHere are some of the best Torchlight 2 resources I've found so far, these should be helpful if you're just starting out and want to maximize your playtime or have been playing casually and want to kick it up a notch and start munchikining.

Building Your Torchlight II Character

TL2  hasn't even been out a month, so character building is an evolving process of discovering what's best, this new "Best Class Build" will probably become popular enough until that there's lots of public outcry, and finally Runic nerfing the skills to level the playing field; probably nothing new to any ARPG veterans.  So read up, try some builds out, and experiment with your own variations on the popular builds.

Before you even looking at the builds you should read through the skill trees and some of the items at the Torchlight 2 Armory to familiarize your self with the enchantments and available socketables so you can think ahead about your skill/item enchantment interactions.

Skill points are fairly straight forward, read what they do, think about what your build will really need the most.  Now for some hand holding links for those not brave enough to carve their own path to a terrible 1st character:

Over on Runic Games fansite some quality builds from the Beta were posted:
3 Outlander Builds
4 Berserker Builds
3 Embermage Builds
3 Engineer Builds

To answer all your small questions about enchantment bonuses: Wikis are improving slowly but still need some major updating for post-beta... try searching them:
Runic Games Fansite Torchlight II FAQ