Torchlight Secret Rooms

Torchlight II Secret Rooms

This page contains some helpful tips for discovering Torchlight II Secret Rooms, Hidden Areas, and Easter Eggs.

Treasure rooms typically contain a bonanza of breakables and treasure chests, and they are the only place you can find the coveted rejuvenation potions, which heal both mana and hit points, at a rate surpassing standard healing droughts. These secret hoards are not unguarded however, and an adventurer must be wary of traps or unseen monsters while rifling through the new-found loot.

Please note: These spoilers WILL work for any maps based off their template, which includes those found in the Mapworks.

Defiled Burrow

Defiled Burrow

The hidden rooms in the Defiled Burrow tend to be near the stairs down - particularly if the stairs are surrounded by a "U" shaped balcony, there is often-times a secret room on the eastern side. Very rarely, the small block that you click-on to open the hidden room will be up an "L" shaped hall, a significant ways from the actual entrance.

Deserted Workshop

Deserted Workshop

The secret chambers in the Deserted Workshop areas are usually found along the north and southern edges of the map. The pressure value that opens them can sometimes be located on a platform well above the door itself, which may require some significant backtracking. These rooms spawn either blue chests, huge piles of gold, or a very dangerous Dwarven automaton - which is capable of one-shotting "squishies" on the highest difficulty settings.

Ezrohir Commons

Ezrohir Commons

The treasure rooms in the Ezrohir Commons tend to cluster in the north and western portions of the dungeon. However, occasionally, the "vault" will be a recessed Sarcophagus openly visible in the center of a room. In these instances, there will be two sets of levers - one to the Northwest, one to the Southwest. Be very careful of these treasure rooms - they often contain "murder holes" in the wall that will set a swarm of lethal spider mines loose on trespassers.

Ruined Shrine

Ruined Shrine

The concealed vaults in the Ruined Shrines are all hidden platforms, that are reachable by crossing vines after smashing special glowing jars. Often times, these breakables are concealed by "blind" pathways that loop around crumbled bridges - they look impassable, and only close attention to the mini-map will reveal that you can skate around the edges of the cliff. Always see if you can navigate to the left or right of any collapsed pathway. Very frequently, these chests - and there tends to be ALOT of them in the Ruined Shrine - are surrounded by scores of monsters - more-so than other secret rooms.

Wyvern Keep Wall Chambers

Wyvern Keep

The Wyvern Keep map-set tends to have the greatest variety of hidden rooms and editable set-pieces. Most of the time, the "switch" is an easy to miss floor plate, with a small diamond shape etched on the block. However, occasionally, it will be a large, golden jewel mounted in the wall, or a pile of rocks on the ground near the room itself. Pay close attention when you first enter/exit levels, as these wall recesses tend to be near the entrance and exits. Also note, often times the floor plates are positioned RIGHT next to the entrance, on a level above the chamber, and you'll have to backtrack a significant way if you miss them.

Wyvern Keep Rising Platforms

Wyvern Keep

Sometimes in the Wyvern Keep you will encounter a recessed lever. There will be a nearby floor plate, which activates a rising platform. Once you flip the lever, the dragon head statues will grind aside, and a huge bridge will raise from the darkness, granting access to a treasure platform to the Southeast. These platforms frequently contain Troll, which are more than capable of killing your character in one massive slam in Elite mode, so approach with caution.

The Goonies - "Treasure Cove"


Occasionally, while fighting through the "Temple Steppes" in Act 1, you will encounter a lantern near a dock. Clicking on it will summon a boatman, who can transport you to "Treasure Cove." You will immediately recognize the level design and cosmetics as having been ripped from the classic Movie "The Goonies."

Near the entrance, you will find the body of "Chester Copperpot" and on it, you will find the rare socketable "One-Eyed-Willy's Other Eye." Eventually, you will encounter a large pirate ship, and have to battle the good Captain and his motley crew of corpses.

The Thing - "Norsk Leiren"

Norsk Leiren

This small dungeon in Act 1 is a homage to "The Thing." It can be found in the "Frosted Hills" and is a veritable feast of Easter Eggs, including "Blair's Diary," Netherim infected dogs in the kennel, and you can even snatch Macready's Shotgun for yourself. (As a "rare" weapon, note that Macready's Shotgun scales with the game level - potentially making it a useful find in New Game +).

Borderlands - "Claptrap"


After you kill the boss Bloatfang in Act 3, you can uncover Claptrap from the game Borderlands. In the last chamber of Bloatfang's marsh-pit, near the power source, you can follow a hidden path to the Southwest around the edge of the boss chamber. At the end of it, you will encounter Claptrap, who will give you the rare socketable Claptrap's Bolt. Claptrap has numerous strange/humerous quotes, so it's worth sticking around to listen.

"Thank you stranger! Speaking of strange... you're either going to a costume party, or I'm a long way from home!"
- Claptrap

Minecraft - "Notch's Mine"

Notch's Mine

In Act 3, you will eventually come to a zone called "The Sundered Battlefield." The area is teaming with secrets, one of witch is a hidden Minecraft treasure room. In the Northwestern or Southwestern corner of "The Sundered Battlefield" you will run into large contingents of undead Dwarves, land-mines, and rusty Mecha, as well as the obvious remains of mine-shafts, train rails, and pully systems. This is the area you should search for the hidden room's opening.

When the level generates, you have (roughly) a one in eight chance of "Notch's Mine" spawning - which leads to an area full of Minecraft creatures, and treasure taken directly from the game - pixelated graphics and all.

Note: The equipment found here is "rare," it scales in level with the difficulty, potentially making it useful even for New Game + on Elite difficulty. The Iron Sword in particular is considered the best possible weapon for any class focusing on summoning.