Neverwinter Nights 2: Nightsinger's Bane

NX4 Development Bible

Neverwinter NightsThe Development Bible is a reference document containing all of the dialog, game systems, plot elements and in-depth descriptions of scenes and events in the game. Where necessary, the Bible will provide asides to dialog-trees or events that explain behavior or moving pieces that might not be readily apparent to the player. This helps the development team understand motivations of the antagonists or non-player-characters in preparation for revealing it as the story unfolds. The narrative is more satisfying if small bread-crumbs are dropped for observant players leading up to a reveal.

NX4 Development Bible
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NX4 Plot Summary

The plot is driven by the Demon Lord Graz'zt's attempt to steal Shar's divinity using an unsealed tear in the Shadow Weave. (A rift created in Black Garius's attempt to usurp the King of Shadows, located in Crossroad Keep's basement). To this end, the demon sent a powerful band of villains to seize control of Neverwinter and implement his diabolic scheme. The Knight Captain - freshly returned from his trials in the Unapproachable East - is all that stands between the fiend and ultimate power.

Neverwinter Nights 2 Path Assumptions

While the players have a great deal of latitude in determining the course of the NWN 2 franchise, there are several paths considered canonical with regards to both the game series and the campaign setting. For example, a quick perusal of the official history presented in the Forgotten Realms Wiki proves that regardless of how evil or heroic the Knight Captain is, they never side with The King of Shadows. For evidence of this, we can plainly see that following NX1, The Sword Coast was not plunged into an eternal night under the thumb of an eldritch abomination.

Continuing this logic, we've made several assumptions about the "true" decisions made in the OC, MotB, SoZ and MoW, and adjusted the setting accordingly.
We take into account:
    1: What is the logical outcome.
    2: What is a thematically satisfying outcome.
    3: What happened in The Forgotten Realms Campaign setting during this time.
    4: What has been revealed in the following games.
    5: What is possible to include given the development budget.
    6: What fits the narrative we want to tell.

Listed below are the assumptions we've made with regards to The Knight Captain's choices over the course of the series and leading up to NX4. While these might differ slightly from some of the possible outcomes, they mesh well with how "modern" Faerun ends up. Additionally, these elements still offer concessions to the more important, character defining events of the preceding titles, while still working within the scope of our development resources.

Neverwinter Nights

NX0 OC Assumptions:

This is the assumed path taken by the Knight Captain in the OC. The sequels and published campaign lore help fill in the blanks as to how events played out in canon.

- Amie Fern is dead, killed by the Githyanki.
- Shandra Jerro dies in Ammon Jerro's Haven.
- Neeshka successfully robbed the collector and killed Leldon with the Knight Captain.
- Khelgar claimed the Ironfist artifacts and became the leader of the clan.
- Elanee does not depart after her circle is destroyed.
- The Knight Captain was given command of Crossroad Keep.
- The Knight Captain rebuilt the Church of Tyr and the Wizard's Tower.
- The Construct is restored to working order.
- Jailboun of the Two-Blades is recruited.
- Bevil Starling is recruited.
- Light of Heavens is recruited.
- Katriona is recruited.
- Deekin is recruited.
- Jacoby is recruited.
- Edario is recruited.
- Axle Devrie survives.
- Koraboros is defeated at Shandra Jerro's farm.
- Ammon Jerro shows some signs of remorse.
- Daerred's adventuring company is sent on missions by the Knight Captain.
- Daerred's adventuring company survives the war.
- Qara allies with the Black Gairus and is killed.
- Bishop dies.
- Grobnar gives The Construct free-will.
- The Construct choses Grobnar and the Knight Captain over Bishop and Black Gairus.
- The Knight Captain fought and destroyed the King of Shadows.
- The Illefarn ruins collapsed on the party.
- The Construct is badly damaged in the cave-in.
- Elanee and Grobnar die in the collapse.
- Sand polymorphs into an Iron Golem and survives the falling rubble.
- Neeshka dodges her way clear of the collapse. (If she resisted Black Garus).
- Khelgar is buried in debris trying to rescue the Knight Captain, but survives.
- The Knight Captain is taken by Nefris's servants.
- Ammon Jerro pursues the kidnappers and is overpowered in the Plane of Shadow.
- Zhjaeve plane-shifts to Limbo shortly after the final battle.
- Casavir survives the collapse with a shattered spine and is captured by Luskan.
- The Knight Captain either moves on to Gann or Safiya, or gives up on personal attachments if they romanced Casavir or Elanee.
- Tarmas, Bevil Starling, Orlen, The Lannon Family and Lazlo Buckman survived the fall of West Harbor.

NX1 MotB Assumptions:

This may or may not be assumed, depending on development resources and time - ideally, the MotB assumptions will be variable, and player selectable. At a Minimum, the player will be able to choose between Gann, Safiya or neither for relationships, and whether they created One of Many.

- Bishop is consumed by the wall of the faithless.
- The Knight Captain does not kill The Founder.
- Ammon Jerro is rescued from the Academy of Shapers and Binders.
- Myrkul is not consumed or put to rest by the Knight Captain.
- The Knight Captain retains the Sword of Gith.
- The Knight Captain retains the Dream Weapon.
- The Knight Captain sides with the Crusade.
- The Knight Captain betrays and then destroys Rammaq in self-defense.
- The Knight Captain fights and defeats Araman.
- The Spirit Eater Curse is forever ended by completing the Mask of the Betrayer.
- The Knight Captain does not battle their companions after ending the curse.

AP1 MoW Assumptions:

Currently, having the player "become" a vampire is simply not feasible, as the restrictions (daylight, running water), and changes necessary to the campaign plot would be monumental in scope.

- Mantides is fully redeemed.
- Rinara returned to help the Knight Captain after leaving the party.
- Orbakh's offer of vampirism is rejected.
- Obid is slain by the Night Mask vampires.
- Orbakh's human cattle facility is destroyed.
- Tobias is outed as a vampire, but survives the battle.
- The Domino Mask Curse is lifted.
- The Ebon-Claw wererats are destroyed.
- Zymena is unmasked and banished back to the hells.
- The Knight Captain flees Westgate to avoid the retribution of Orbakh and his Night Masks.

NX2 SoZ Assumptions:

As with MotB, we plan to vary the plot/story based on player input, to better keep in line with their experience, but we also recognize that we are not Bioware. At a minimum we'd like to account for some of the larger events and decisions the PC could make.

- Tarmas survives the black dragon attack on West Harbor.
- Lazlo Buckman survives the black dragon attack on West Harbor.
- The Lannon Family survives the black dragon attack on West Harbor.
- Khelgar's stolen Ironfist relics are recovered by the PC.
- Port Llast is saved from Luskan control.
- Port Llast is saved from the undead army.
- Sa'Sani's Merchant House becomes powerful and wealthy thanks to the PC.
- Chir is saved from the Mind Flayers and accompanies the party.
- Most of Captain Lastri's crew is rescued by the PC.
- Umoja is recruited and accompanies the PC to The Sword Coast.
- Ribsmasher is recruited and accompanies the PC in their adventures.
- Finch has his name cleared, and accompanies the PC in their adventures.
- Sa'Sani's more vicious tendencies are curtailed thanks to arguments made by the PC.
- Zehir's avatar is destroyed, and the plot to take over The Sword Coast thwarted.

NX4 NB Player Choices

The following set of choices allows the player to adjust some of NX4's plot elements to account for specific decisions they made over the course of NWN 2 saga. Due to time and resource constraints, we cannot be comprehensive in this list, but we've done our best to hit some of the decisions left open by the official canon.

When the player joins the module, they are required to speak with the Dungeon Master before being allowed to enter the Campaign. The impish fellow will provide a brief overview of the game mechanics, the background story and then ask a series of questions, which will determine many aspects of the campaign.

1: Did the Knight Captain (KC) Take "Arvoreen's Amulet of Aid" from Daeghun?
(If no, places the Avoreen's Amulet of Virtue in the chest in Daeghun's Home).

2: Did Khelgar Ironfist become a monk?
(Swaps Fighter Khelgar for Monk Khelgar if yes).

3: Did the KC befriend Kistrel?
(Spider Kistrel removed beneath Crossroad Keep in the Escape Tunnels if no).
(Kistrel NPC and all associated quests disabled if no).
(Disables teleport to Silverymoon option in act 4 if no).

4a: Did the KC romance Casavir? - Only Appears if KC is Female
(Adds a sad moment when they player interacts with Casavir's grave).
(Adds a wistful dialog scene if the KC rescues Casavir from Luskan if yes).

4b: Did the KC romance Elanee? - Only Appears if KC is Male
(Adds a sad moment when they player interacts with Elanee's grave).

5: Did Neeshka fail to resist Black Garius?
(Removes Neeshka from the roster if yes).
(Removes Neeshka from the Pheonix Tail Inn in the CK if yes).
(Removes Neeshka from the bar in Daggerford).
(Removes Khelgar-Neeshka enchange after resquing Kistrel).
(Removes Neeshka as a mandatory party-member in the Granit Hold quests).
(Adds Neeshka's Grave to the Crossroad Keep Cemetery if yes).
(Disables teleport to Athkalta option in act 4 if yes).
(Removes Neeshka's dialog in the optional cut-scene if the KC resurrects the dead OC companions as thralls).

6: Did the KC create One of Many?
(Removes Kaelyn the Dove from the roster if yes).
(Removes Gan reference to Old father Bear in a bark if yes).
(Adds One of Many to the Roster if yes).
(One of Many accompanies the Bevil and Daeghun in the opening battle if yes).
(Removes Kaelyn from the bar in Daggerford).
(Adds One of Many to the Bar in Daggerford).
(Kaelyn does not join the party during Ivarr the Blessed's Quest).
(Removes Kaelyn from the Temple of Ilmater in the CK if yes).
(Adds One of Many to the graveyard outside the CK if yes).
(Disables teleport to Myrkul's Soul Furnace in act 4 if no).
(Disables teleport to the Fugue Plane in act 4 if yes).
(Dialog bark from Gann in the final battle about Okku just being a dream if yes).

7: Did the KC and Grobnar steal the Glowstone from the Goblin Mines?
(Disables teleport to the Caves below Ember in act 4 if yes).

8: Did the KC destroy Slaan and the Lizardfolk near Highcliff?
(Disables teleport to the Lizard Folk Caves in act 4 if yes).

9: Did the KC ally with the Orc Tribe at Riverguard Keep against the bugbears and Ogre Magi?
(Enables the teleport option to ally with the Orc Tribe if yes).
(Enables the teleport option to ally with the Ogre Magi and Bugbear minions if no).

10: Did the KC destroy the Fire Giant Village?
(Disables teleport to the Fire Giant Encampment in act 4 if yes).

11: Did the KC save Cormick's life?
(Removes Cormick Great Hall from the Keep if yes).
(Removes Cormick from the final battle if yes).
(Removes Cormick from the quest to save Lord Nasher).

12: Did the KC side with the (0) City Watch or (1) The Shadow Thieves?
(If 0, the Shadow Thieves will smuggle the KC into Neverwinter).
(if 1, the City Watch will help the KC into Neverwinter).
(Removes the option of opening the Thieves Guild if 0).
(Removes the option of recruiting the Shadow Thieves if 0).
(Removes the option of recruiting the City Watch if 1).
(If 0, 3 Hostile City Watch encounters will be set to active in the Night Mask Lair).
(if 1, 3 Hostile Shadow Thief encounters will be set to active in the Night Mask Lair).

13: Did the KC have Torio Clavin Executed?
(Removes Torio from the Keep if yes).
(Removes Torio from the final battle if yes).
(Adds the quest to save Casavir from Luskan - Part 1 requirement).

14: Did the Heroes in SoZ resurrect Kravler?
(Removes Kravler from the Keep if yes).
(Removes Kravler from the final battle if yes).
(Adds the quest to save Casavir from Luskan - Part 2 Requirement).

16: Did the KC destroy the Slumbering Coven?
(Disables the teleport to the Slumbering Coven if yes).

15: Did the KC consume or release Myrkul's Soul in MotB?
(In the finale, Graz'zt will refer to the KC as "God-Killer - a kindred spirit you and I!" if yes).

17: Game checks for Safiya's or Gann's love feat.
(Enables Safiya or Gann's affectionate dialog when present).
(Enables Safiya or Gann proposal scene).
(Enables Safiya or Gann's accompaniment in the final battle/stage).
(Enables Safiya's pregnancy dialogs).
(Enables optional Safiya or Gan marriage finale).

18: Game checks for Safiya's or Gann's Love Feat + One of Many Creation
(Adds tragic Gan or Safiya stinger to ending sequence if yes).
(Adds a final battle against One of Many after the end of the game if yes).

19: Game checks for "Guilty of Ember Massacre Feat."
(Nevalle and Nasher will treat the player far worse in dialog options).
(Nasher will bring up the slaughter when the KC is initially exposed in Chapter 2).

Upon completion of the survey to set plot elements, the players will be able to enter the portal into the game world.