Diablo Class Listings


The Paladin is the most powerful overall class in Diablo 2. It's nearly invulnerable to melee attacks and able to slug it out toe to toe with anything in the game. On the other hand, a Paladin can also function as a powerful caster, and the piercing holy damage dealt by Blessed Hammer is quite simply broken from a balance perspective. If you want a character so easy it's boring to play, this one is for you.

Normally we'd talk about the class's significant downsides. But there just ain't any. The Paladin can dominate melee with zeal, smite, vengeance, and charge, or they can function as super tank casters using Fist of the Heavens or Blessed Hammer. Additionally, their AoE attack is "magic" damage, meaning it has few immunities to cope with in Hell Difficulty. What more can we say? The Paladin when properly built is a 2.5k hit point tank, with the highest possible armor factor, capping block, and the effective AoE nuke damage of a sorceress, with a fraction of the immunities she has to deal with. The closest thing to a downside the class has is a lowish mana pool, (which is easily remedied through Redemption or equipment).

Spell Recommendations:

Defensive Auras:
• Vigor
• Defiance
• Redemption
• Salvation
• Meditation
Offensive Auras:
• Concentration
• Fanaticism
• Conviction
• Holy Freeze
• Thorns
Combat Skills:
• Blessed Hammer
• Zeal
• Smite
• First of the Heavens
• Holy Shield
Top Spells:
paladin paladin paladin paladin paladin paladin

Primary Stats:
Primary: Vitality
Secondary: Strength
Tertiary: Dexterity

Recommended Mercenary:
Type: Normal Act 2
Aura: Prayer (Combat)

Mercenary Gear:
• Vampire Gaze (Um)
• Shaftstop (Um)
Mercenary Gear:
• Insight Runeword
• Pride Runeword
• Infinity Runeword
• Doom Runeword

Noteworthy Skills:
paladinBlessed Hammer: This spell fires a series of spinning magical hammers that tear apart any monsters, undead, or demons in their path. They are the ONLY magical spell in the game that gains power from the Aura Concentration, and they deal magical damage, meaning that few monsters are immune to them - and none that possess immunity are overly threatening. Only teleport is stronger.

paladinConviction: This aura dumps enemy resistance and armor factor into the negatives - which makes any elemental damage dealt by the Paladin or group-mates distressingly powerful. When combined with elemental damage aura gear, even getting on the same screen with a paladin can be instantly fatal to monsters.

paladinConcentration: This spell has a huge radius, and drastically buffs the physical damage of a Paladin and his allies. It ALSO buffs the damage of Blessed Hammer, turning the spell into a nightmare of AoE twirling death.

Equipment Suggestions:
paladinA good pally will want a quality class specific shield, like the Herald of Zakarum, or a Spirit Runeword, although a Stormshield can work in a pinch. Any gear that provides strength, damage reduction, faster blocking, percentile mana bonuses, and boosts to mana are very helpful to a paladin. Of secondary concern are items that provide skill bonuses and casting speed or attack speed, depending on spec.

Keeping a "Call to Arms Runeword weapon and Spirit Runeword shield on weapon-swap can make a Paladin nearly invulnerable - and help greatly with his lowish mana pool.

Primary Gear Recommendations:

Build Armor Helm Weapon Shield
Hammerdin: Enigma Runeword Rose Branded Circlet of the Magus Heart of the Oak Runeword Herald of Zakarum
Zealot: Fortitude Runeword Crown of Ages Ethereal Death Cleaver Exile Runeword
Auradin: Dragon Runeword Dream Runeword Hand of Justice Runeword Dream Runeword
paladin paladin paladin