Torchlight Class Information


A Destroyer is a master of melee attacks and weapons. He can successfully focus on dealing huge blows with two-handed weapons, a hurricane of high damage-per-second strikes with a weapon in each hand, or the Destroyer can tank-down with a weapon and shield combination for defensive superiority.

A Destroyer is only as good as his equipment. He is the most heavily item-dependent character in the game, and he will find himself in serious trouble end-game without awesome weapons and armor. Unlike the Vanquisher and Alchemist, most of a Destroyer's best "work" is done at range zero, meaning he's going to get hit hard and needs to hit harder. This is where boiler-plate armor and the nastiest weapon(s) become a necessity.

Of the various builds, those focusing on sword & board with Devastate as the primary attack form tend to succeed best. Devastate becomes a defensive technique in and of itself, since the Destroyer is constantly in motion while tearing his enemies into kibble when performing it.


• Devastate
• Slash Attack
• Spectral Echo
• Dual Wielding
• Critical Strikes
• Doomquake
• Titan Stomp
• Seismic Burst
• Martial Weapons Expertise
• Block & Parry
• Spectral Decay
• Entropic Aura
• Shadow Bowman
• Armor Expertise
• Advanced Spellcasting
Recommended Spells:
destroyer destroyer
destroyer destroyer

Primary Stats:
Primary: Strength
Secondary: Defense
Tertiary: Dexterity

Recommended Pet:
• Mimic
• Goblin Hound
• Thorned Strider

Pet Spells:
destroyer destroyer

As stated earlier, a Destroyer lives or dies based on the quality of his gear. Be sure to use the shared stash to mule him every choice weapon and armor you uncover. While the Alchemist and Vanquisher can coast on the power of their innate skills, so much of a Destroyer's potency comes from his skill-interaction with weapon and armor statistics that he simply MUST have top-flight equipment to handle the 100+ content.

A suit of Epic Graven's Crystal Armor provides basically everything you want, and any of the top-flight weapons have enough kick to rend monsters limb-from-limb. For Dual wielder's focuing on auto attacking, consider the Right and Left hands of Orlac, their life-stealing innate bonus is very helpful. If playing a shield user, you will have a near impossible time beating the power of the Epic "Unknowable" sword.

2% attack speed + 2% critical chance dual-stat chaos ember is simply too useful to pass up in as many slots as you can get it. For a Destroyer focusing on auto-attacking, stacking huge amounts of life-steal can drastically improve survivability. For builds using skill-based attacks, Core ember socketed in a weapon will help keep the life orb full.

destroyer destroyer destroyer