Din's Curse Equipment Guide

Din's Curse Weapons

Din's CurseThe primary concern with any melee or ranged weapon in Din's Curse is the absolute damage it deals. The higher this number, the faster your character will slaughter things. Speedy kills negate the need for huge defense, as much food use and makes completing missions easier. At the end of the day, even small bumps in a player's damage per second will outweigh other item utility.

Some weapon attributes - such as haste or life steal - are incredibly powerful, but without the damage to justify equipping the weapon, a character will be swarmed, bogged down by packs, and ultimately fail quests due to not fulfilling the objective in a timely manner.

Damage first for all item-dependent character classes. Everything else can be worked around.

Note 1: Theoretically, yellow "randomly generated items" can yield the most powerful possible killing implements. In practice however, Legendary Weapons or Artifacts with "enhanced damage," "+ to all stats" or "EGO" in their random powers slot will result in the best reliably attainable equipment.

Note 2: The EGO modifier is a special weapon type that levels as it's user slays things. (EGO has no effect when it spawns on other gear). Every 1,000 kills, (roughly), the weapon will gain 1-2 points to it's maximum damage, and occasionally, the weapon will "speak" to it's owner in the chat box. With enough grinding, EGO weapons rank among the most potent items in the entire game. The maximum possible level for an EGO weapon is 100, or the current level of their owner.

Name: Dagger
Description: The dagger is a blindingly fast weapon, and it has very good damage potential - easily on par with the one-handed sword in terms of damage per second and damage per hit. Daggers have better minimum damage than swords, but require a stunningly high dexterity to equip. In addition, these blades have the shortest range of all melee weapons, making hit-and-runs or preemptive attacks difficult for any class besides a Rogue or Ranger.
Top Weapon: Dagger of Night
Effects: +23 Intelligence, +270 Attack, +11 Min Damage, +145% Damage, +6-7 Fire Damage, +7-8 Fire Damage, +41% Weapon Speed.
Name: Sword
Description: Swords boast solid damage, average reach, and a very good weapon speed. Their downside is the low minimum damage, which means, absent devastating amounts of crushing blow, the strikes of a sword user can be highly inconsistent.
Top Weapon: Deathblade
Effects: +38 intelligence, 35% Damage, +219% Maximum Damage, +7-9 Poison Damage, +7-9 Magic Damage, +37% Weapon Speed.
Name: Axe
Description: Axes have the best minimum and maximum damage potential, very good weapon speed, and a large variety when it comes to selection. Their downside is range, which is lacking, but not cripplingly so. A warrior with a good EGO axe is a force on the field of battle.
Top Weapon: Ravager
Effects: +13 Spirit, +27 Max Damage, +23% Lightning Resistance, 21% Find Item chance, +153% Damage, +9-11 Lightning Damage.
Name: Hammer
Description: Hammers have good maximum damage and decent minimum damage, but tend to be very slow on the draw. This can make fighting groups of monsters difficult, and your character will often times be unable to beat monsters to the swing in head to head match-ups - resulting in more sustained damage and more required healing. (Priests have skills that let them mitigate some of this failing).
Top Weapon: Earthshaker
Effects: +14 Dexterity, +59 Max damage, +23 Cold Resistance, +366% Maximum Damage, +12-15 Fire Damage.
Name: Bow
Description: As a rule, bows have slow attack speed, and low minimum/maximum damage. They compensate by being the game's ONLY ranged weapons, and that is a substantial advantage considering how lethal Elites and Super Bosses in Din's Curse are. Bows are better than their stats would suggest, - particularly in the hands of Rangers - whose skills include traps, insane skill multipliers and passives that cause monsters to ignore the archer while she shoots them new breathing holes.
Top Weapon: Sure Kill
Effects: +12 Vit, +125 Att, +27 Max Damage, +204% Critical, +255% Crushing B., +225% Deep Wounds, +204% M. Critical Hit, +255 M. Crushing B., +105% Damage, +40% Speed.
Name: Staff
Description: Staves are generally very slow, with poor minimum, but decent maximum damage. They are the primary equipment of the Conjurer and Wizard, and as such, their owners usually favor the magical properties of a stave over it's raw Damage Per Second. (A few oddball melee builds and hybrids aside). Of particular note is the all-important "-XX% Cast Time" modifier, which is critical to a successful caster end-game - and can ONLY be found on a staff. (Tip: For those having trouble acquiring a good cast time staff, Gizlin's Staff always has -28% Cast time, which will work well-enough until something better drops.)
Top Weapon: Maelstrom
Effects: +14 Strength, +87 Armor Piercing, +23 Fire resistance, -53% casting Time, +35% Damage, +22-23 Cold Damage, +16-20 Magic Damage.
Name: Two-Handed Sword
Description: Like their smaller counterparts, two-handed swords have a great deal of variance, owing to their low minimum damage. Offsetting this, the weapon class has very good maximum damage, range and weapon speed. With a high crushing blow statistic, two handed swords are very powerful weapons.
Top Weapon: Brand
Effects: +19 Intelligence, +2.5 Health Regeneration, +25 Light Intensity, +35% Damage, +158% Max Damage, +11-13 Lightning Damage, +76% Weapon Speed.
Name: Two-Handed Axe
Description: Two Handed Axes have the best minimum or maximum damage potential in the entire game - not to mention respectable attack speed. They do however lose out on some of the range that two-handed swords and hammers enjoy, making strike-and-fade tactics more difficult. Still, axes remain powerful weapons, and when backed by a warrior's passives, are capable of carving Super Bosses asunder in three or four hacks.
Top Weapon: Horror Hatchet
Effects: +13 Intelligence, +155 Attack, +10 Min Damage, +10 Max Damage, +2.0 Health Regen, +8% Resist All, +170% Damage, +244% Max Damage, EGO.
Name: Two-Handed Hammer
Description: The giant two-handed mauls have very good minimum and maximum damage, as well as the best reach of any melee weapon - they are also slow - almost cripplingly so. Without the regeneration and damage mitigation skills of the Priest class, it is very difficult to make most two-handed hammers overly useful. Their speed makes alpha-strikes or hit'n run assaults non-viable, and attempting to battle from within a pack will result in getting stunned and chewed to bits.
Top Weapon: Argus's Mace
Effects: +19 Strength, +26 Dexterity, +35% Damage, +205% Max Damage, +42% Weapon Speed, 7.5% Chance of Level 13 Fire Weapon on Hit.