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A druid is an interesting hybrid class, capable of training as a fire elemental caster, a ranged physical damage dealer, a tank-like were-bear, or a hard-hitting melee scrapper. This is quite unparalleled, as few other classes can viably wear so many hats. A Fire Elemental Druid can dish out the AoE death second only to a sorceress. Only an Amazon can deal superior ranged physical damage compared to a Wind Druid. A Werebear Druid is only matched in "tankiness" by the mighty Paladin. And finally, a Fury Werewolf Druid can come close to rivaling the power of a Barbarian when it comes to throwing down as a scraper. Don't forget the Summoning Druid, with his pack of wolves, bears, spirits, and creepy vines.

Of course, this "jack-of-all-trades, master of none" versatility is ultimately a Druid's weakness. While the character can train to play successfully as any arch-type, they are out-performed by the specialists in each area, often making a Druid player feel "weak" compared to the non-hybrid characters in direct match-ups. However, the Druid can summon several "Spirits" that offer unique damage and hit point buffs, guaranteeing them a useful role in any group.

Skill Recommendations:

• Tornado
• Hurricane
• Armageddon
• Fissure
• Cyclone Armor
Shape Shifting:
• Werewolf
• Werebear
• Lycanthropy
• Fury
• Fire Claws
• Oak Sage
• Heart of Wolverine
• Summon Grizzly
• Summon Dire Wolf
• Ravens
Top Skills:
druid druid druid druid druid druid

Primary Stats:
Primary: Vitality
Secondary: Strength
Tertiary: Dexterity

Recommended Mercenary:
Type: Nightmare Act 2
Aura: Holy Freeze (Defensive)

Mercenary Armor:
• Vampire Gaze (Um)
• Shaftstop (Um)
Mercenary Weapons:
• Pride Runeword
• Insight Runeword
• Infinity Runeword
• Doom Runeword

Noteworthy Skills:
druidFury: Fury is similar to the Paladin skill "Zeal" in that it attacks all adjacent enemies close to the druid. It is both inferior and superior at the same time - it's damage bonuses vastly exceed that of the Paladin skill, however, if the druid is struck by enemies, it can be interrupted. This makes a shield or an aura like Holy Freeze very important to a Fury based druid.

druidOak Sage: This spell summons a wisp, which floats lackadaisically around the screen, providing a very very large passive life boost - what's more, it stacks with Battle Orders, making it a serious asset to group play. Monsters hate this spirit with a passion, and will go out of their way to target it - be ready to re-summon often.

druidTornado: This is an interesting magic spell - it is unique in that, instead of dealing elemental damage, it deals raw physical damage to enemies struck - fairly impressive amounts once properly synergized. This spell is the bread and butter of a Wind-Druid.

Equipment Suggestions:
druidDue to the sheer variety of options available to a Druid, "what is good gear" becomes a tricky question. In a nut-shell - all of it. If a Druid is specializing in magical attacks, they will wear nearly the same equipment as a Sorceress. A Werebear Druid will want to select the sorts of items a Paladin would carry. The one exception are the class-specific Druid helms - known as "Pelts." These can - although not always - out-perform some of the "general" uniques and Runewords used by other classes.

Don't forget to keep summoning Oak Sages - they are prime enemy targets, and fairly fragile.

Primary Gear Recommendations:

Build Armor Helm Weapon Shield
Elemental Druid: Enigma Runeword Ravenlore Heart of the Oak Runeword Spirit Runeword
Fury Wolf Fortitude Runeword Jalal's Mane Grief Runeword Stormshield
Werebear Chains of Honor Runeword Jalal's Mane 2H Beast Runeword None
druid druid druid