Torchlight Class Information


The Vanquisher is capable of unmatched AoE death. The Alchemist wets himself and runs away screaming when faced with the slaughter-fest that is Explosive Shot. Pretty much every useful attack the Vanquisher has impacts entire groups, and with a solid gun or bow, she can rape-face pretty near any large mass of enemies. Seriously. She's THAT good.

Where the Vanquisher slows down is against bosses like Ordrack and some of the level 100+ champions. While she has unmatched ability to flatten entire herds of beasties, she's more fragile than an Alchemist when you take his defensive spells into the equation. For this reason, it's strongly recommended a player use a pistol + shield to mitigate Mrs. Glass-jaw's tendency to get one-rounded in the higher level content.

Melee builds are possible, but very difficult due to the "breakable" nature of the vanquisher. Explosive Shot, backed up by various debuff Traps is the equivalent of having a machine gun - that shoots nuclear air to surface missiles. Of the various characters, the Vanquisher is the most vulnerable to getting pinned and mobbed in the level 100+ dungeons. With no durability and no high quality escape spells, she's dead if a boss backs her into a corner. Mind your footwork.

Note: (Now you know how General Grell Kicked Vale's Ass in the sequel).


• Explosive Shot
• Ricochet
• Arrow Hail
• Ranged Weapon Expertise
• Critical Strikes
• Winds of Justice
• Venomous Dirks
• Hamstring
• Armor Expertise
• Barter
• Devouring Trap
• Flechette Trap
• Shock Trap
• Dual Wielding
• Advanced Spellcasting
Recommended Spells:
vanquisher vanquisher
vanquisher vanquisher

Primary Stats:
Primary: Dexterity
Secondary: Defense
Tertiary: Magic

Recommended Pet:
• Cave Flier
• Fire Elemental
• Mimic

Pet Spells:

A Vanquisher needs a devastating Pistol, Crossbow, Bow, or Rifle. Of the choices, the Pistol Reigns supreme, due to the ability to bear a shield or a second gun for extra regeneration. By end game, a 1000+ damage weapon should be enough to keep the Vanquisher progressing well into the level 100+ content. Anything else of quality is simply gravy. Explosive Shot's DPS is so high that an entire suit of Rare Scraps is sufficient providing good positioning is maintained.

For sets, Epic Justice's Convocation is solid, and the Epic Rifle With No Name will keep things dying until a great 1-hander like the Epic Stark Fist of Removal or Epic Sartan's Ravager turns up. Don't forget to upgrade a Vanquisher's weapons at the enchanter and by passing it on.

4% critical chance chaos ember is delightful, and if there is any stat that should be focused on, Critical Strike is it. Since most Vanquishers use Explosive Shot, Ricochet, and sometimes Arrow Hail for penned enemies, Core Ember is a superior way to regenerate life. That being said, Pure Ember is an exceedingly good way to ramp damage into the stratosphere - don't neglect it in at least one of the primary weapon's sockets.

vanquisher vanquisher vanquisher