Din's Curse Mods

Din's Curse Mods

Din's CurseThis area is populated by custom mods created for the games Din's Curse and Demon War.


1: Download the Selected Mod.
(Din's Curse uses zipped archives for it's assets - these database modifications must stay zipped otherwise they will not function).

2: Place the zipped Mod archive in the following location:
   C:\Program Files\Din's Curse\Assets\

3: Launch Din's Curse normally, and create a New World.
(The Mod's changes will not totally take effect until a new world's been generated).

Din's Curse/Demon War Mods:
3x Experience Mod
20 Player Difficulty
Monsters Only Drop Set Items
Monsters Only Drop Elite Items
Monsters Only Drop Artifact Items
Monsters Only Drop Legendary Items
Brighter Dungeons
Unlock Hardcore
No Spiders
Super Difficulty Challenge
Allow Movement While Casting
No Abandon World Penalty