Neverwinter Nights 2: Nightsinger's Bane

NWN 2 Series Timeline:

Neverwinter NightsPresented below is a timeline covering the important events in the Knight Captain’s Saga.  We used the Dale Reckoning calendar, as this seems the most popular dating convention for pre-spellplague activates.  Everything depicted here accounts for canon events and publications, and have been meticulously researched to avoid conflicting with official published materials.

We've covered the years with important background events that lead up to the current story. Many of these events happen concurrently with the events of NX0-NX2 and AP1, and we've noted these instances where possible.

If you note any conflicts in dates, please let us know, and we will adjust the time-line to accommodate - we are making a real effort to respect established canon.


- 1350: Year of the Morningstar -

DR: 1350 - A blackguard tiefling known only as "The Kaiser" appears for the first time, riding from Hellgate Keep with a small host of demons.


- 1353: Year of the Arch -

DR: 1353 - Alustriel Silverhand dispatches a company of her Knights in Silver and members of the Spellguard to investigate demonic incursions near Sundabar.


- 1356: Year of the Worm -

DR: 1356- The Kaiser leads a host of demons and evil mercenaries against Sundabar - which is ultimately routed. 
DR: 1356 - The Blackguard flees southwest, pursued by the Knights in Silver and Spellguard members who defeated his force at Sundabar.


- 1357: Year of the Prince -

DR: 1357 - The heroes catch up to the tiefling near the Luskan village of Ember - they never report back to Silverymoon.
DR: 1357 - Kistrel is polymorphed into a giant spider and flees into the caverns below Ember.  Her companions are all destroyed by The Kaiser.
DR: 1357 - The Kaiser secretly travels east, passing through Westgate, The Pirate isles, Bezentaur and eventually into Shou Lung.


- 1364: Year of the Wave -

DR: 1364 - House Oroshi of Wa is destroyed by Isho Oroshi and The Kaiser. 
DR: 1364 - Terukawa Ukami vows vengance against Isho and The Kaiser, and eternally pledges himself to the Li lung dragon Hayate in exchange for the power to slay his enemies.  He begins following their trail westward.

- 1367: Year of the Shield -

DR: 1367 - Isho and the Kaiser gather a mercenary force and travel west.  They operate near Bezantur in Thay for a year, where they gain a reputation for fearlessness, efficiency and cruelty.


- 1369: Year of the Gauntlet -

DR: 1369 - The Kaiser and Isho participate in a successful plot to Install Edwin Odesseiron as supreme Zulkir of Thay... for three days.
DR: 1369 - The Kaiser and Isho spring Edwin Odesseiron from his prison cell.
DR: 1369 - Alongside Odesseiron and his followers, the Kaiser and Isho flee Thay following the Red Wizard's ouster.


- 1370: Year of the Tankard -

DR: 1370 - Edwin, The Kaiser and Isho travel to Tethyr and revive an aspect of Sendai Ri'fialle, (using a statue overlooked by the Ward of Gorion and a small portion of The Kaiser’s near-divine essence).
DR: 1370 - The Kaiser and his force make a year-long journey to the Spine of the World, using long forgotten roads in the Underdark to avoid their many pursuers.

- 1371: Year of the Unstrung Harp -

DR: 1371 - The group clears and takes over the long abandoned Granite Hold Castle northeast of Mirabar.


- 1372: Year of Wild Magic -

DR: 1372 - The company descends to the Underdark in search of plunder and to rally Sendai's scattered forces.
DR: 1372 - The Kaiser's group slays the Shadow Dragon Das'mag'Xallyion, claiming his extensive hoard of gold and magical items.


- 1373: Year of Rogue Dragons -

DR: 1373 - The Kaiser’s party journeys to cities of Ched Nasad and Menzoberranzan, recruiting a substantial army of Drow still loyal to Sendai’s house. 


- 1374: Year of Lightning Storms -

DR: 1374 - The Kaiser’s surrogates spread rumors throughout the Northlands of an impending invasion by the Uthgardt Thunderbeast tribe, raising fear and tensions in the area. 
DR: 1374 - Sendai's army, (while rallying to Granite Hold), attacks the Uthgardt Thunderbeast tribe to conceal evidence of their movement. The tribe is all but destroyed.
DR: 1374 - Bodvarr barely survives the scouring of his people and slowly recovers his strength for a year in the wilds near Mirabar.
DR: 1374 - The Kaiser and his forces take credit for the slaughter of the Uthgardt Thunderbeast tribe.  The governments and citizens of the Northlands rejoice and consider them heroes. 
DR: 1374 - Deep within the mountain fortress of Granite Hold, Sendai's force establishes itself as a Drow Colony, continuing to grow in strength.
DR: 1374 - Edwin, Sendai, Isho and The Kaiser hatch a plot to seize control of the Sword Coast.
DR: 1374 - The surviving followers of Edwin Odesseiron finally arrive at Granite Hold.
DR: 1374 - The Kaiser is summoned by his patron, the Abyssal Lord Graz'zt to report on his progress.
DR: 1374 - The events detailed in the Neverwinter Nights 2 Official Campaign begin.
DR: 1374 - During the war with the Knight of Shadows, The Kaiser’s force successfully repels an undead host besieging the Gates of Neverwinter.  Their heroics spare the city total destruction and the group is knighted by Lord Nasher in gratitude.


- NWN 2: Official Campaign -

DR: 1374 - The King of Shadows is destroyed and its lair collapses.
DR: 1374 - Zhjaeve plane-shits back to Limbo, her mission accomplished.  She continues to watch over and aid the Knight Captain from afar.
DR: 1374 - Elanee shoves the Knight Captain from under a falling column and is crushed by it in their place.
DR: 1374 - Casavir braces a collapsing doorway – he manages to hold it open long enough for the party to pass – his spine then shatters and he’s buried in rubble.
DR: 1374 - The Knight Captain is knocked unconscious by Nefris’s minions, who flee to Rashemen via the Plane of Shadow with their hostage.
DR: 1374 - Khelgar attempts to pursue the Knight Captain’s abductors, but is buried in falling debris.
DR: 1374 - Ammon Jerro pursues the Knight Captain’s abductors, and is overpowered by Nefris in the Plane of Shadow.
DR: 1374 - Grobnar dies shielding The Construct from tons of falling rocks.
DR: 1374 - The Construct is damaged and disabled by rubble.
DR: 1374 - Neeshka nimbly dodges her way out of the collapsing ruin, escaping unscathed. (If she resisted Black Garus).
DR: 1374 - Neeshka surveys the ruins and helps Khelgar free himself from the collapsed structure.  (If she resisted Black Garus).
DR: 1374 - Luskan agents pull a crippled Casavir from the rubble and spirit him away.
DR: 1374 - Daeghun consults with Tarmas and the pair manages to divine some hints as to the Knight Captain’s location.
DR: 1374 - Daeghun and Bevil separately strike out in search of the Knight Captain when their pleas for Neverwiner’s aid are refused and ignored.
DR: 1374 - Khelgar remains at the Crossroad Keep, pressuring Nasher to launch a massive search, but his efforts are in vain.
DR: 1374 - Neeshka returns to The Black Cats, her former guild in Neverwinter, where she tries to use their contacts to locate the Knight Captain.  (If she resisted Black Garus).
DR: 1374 - The survivors of the war return to West Harbor and Highcliff to begin rebuilding their lives and homes.
DR: 1374 - Neverwinter and its territories descend into economic ruin from the war.

- NWN 2: Mask of the Betrayer -

DR: 1374 - The last shard of Gith’s Silver Sword is messily extracted from the Knight Captain by Nefris.
DR: 1374 - Ammon Jerro has his soul removed from his body, and is then left to die in The Academy of Shapers and Binders.
DR: 1374 - The dying Knight Captain is taken to the Bear King’s Barrow and restrained there.  He is possessed by Akachi the Betrayer, and contracts the Spirit Eater Curse.
DR: 1374 - Safiya rescues the Knight Captain from the Bear King’s Barrow, and the duo battle their way free.
DR: 1374 - The Knight Captain recruits Gann and Kaelyn.
DR: 1374 - The Knight Captain recruits either Okku or consumes him after a pitched battle.
DR: 1374 - The Knight Captain possibly creates One of Many using Okku’s husk.
DR: 1374 - The Knight Captain romances Gann, Safiya or neither.
DR: 1374 - The Knight Captain destroys or spares The Slumbering Coven.
DR: 1374 - Zhjaeve and her fellow Zerth conjure the Dream Weapon and pass it to the Knight Captain.
DR: 1374 - The Knight Captain ransacks the Academy of Shapers and Binders battling Araman and his forces.
DR: 1374 - The Knight Captain rescues Ammon Jerro, who then accompanies the Knight Captain to the Fugue Plane.
DR: 1374 - The Knight Captain meets The Founder, and she informs him of her plan and returns the Silver Sword of Gith to him.  The Knight Captain spares her despite her cruel treatment of them.
DR: 1374 - The Knight Captain commits to the crusade and leads his allies through the betrayer's gate.
DR: 1374 - The Knight Captain first aids Zoab, followed by Sey'ryu. 
DR: 1374 - Araman attacks the Knight Captain one final time and is defeated.
DR: 1374 - Ammon Jerro summons devils and helps the Knight Captain hold the gates to The City of Judgment.
DR: 1374 - The Knight Captain betrays Rammaq - then slays the enraged demilich in self-defense.
DR: 1374 - The Knight Captain ends The Spirt Eater Curse by uniting The Mask of the Betrayer and freeing Akachi.
DR: 1374 - Kelemvor returns the Knight Captain and companions to Thaymount. 
DR: 1374 - Safiya stays at the Academy for a time to tie up loose ends - agreeing to meet the Knight Captain in their homeland.
DR: 1374 - Gann takes his leave to "indulge" in the presence of grateful Rashemi spirits before heading to see the Knight Captain’s home. 
DR: 1374 - Kaelyn departs to continue her crusade on the wall with The Menagerie.
DR: 1374 - If the Knight Captain created One of Many, the creature accompanies them as they return home.
DR: 1374 - If the Knight Captain spared Okku, the Bear God returns to his barrow and sleeps.
DR: 1374 - Ammon Jerro journey's the planes for a time, contemplating the purpose of his existence and his many sins.
DR: 1374 - The Knight Captain departs for home by sea, with plans to meet Gann and Safiya at Crossroad Keep. 


- 1375: Year of Risen Elfkin -

DR: 1375 - The loss of the Spirit Eater Curse significantly weakens the Knight Captain.  A part of his own essence was surrendered to Akachi in the process of restoring the betrayer. (Thus explaining the level cap in MoW).
DR: 1375 - Rhea Corvianna is abducted from Waterdeep by Edwin Odesseiron and The Kaiser.  The mage is held hostage in Granite Hold, and forced to concoct an untraceable and incurable poison which slowly debilitates and kills its victim.
DR: 1375 - The remains of The Construct are located by salvagers scouring the rubble of The King of Shadows’ fortress.  After being examined by The Many Starred Cloaks, the creature is returned to Crossroad Keep, although it remains inactive.
DR: 1375 - Daerred and company purchase an empty building in Crossroad Keep and establish an adventurer’s guild.


- NWN 2 : Mysteries of Westgate -

DR: 1375 - The Knight Captain acquires the Cursed Domino Mask on his journey home, and is drawn to Westgate in his attempt to be free of it.  (If One of Many is present, the powerful spirit possessing the mask nearly seizes control of “The Many” and damages One of Many’s husk in the struggle.  The abomination is cast into the Plane of Shadow while it regenerates.  The Cursed Domino Mask interferes with One of Many’s bond to the Knight Captain, making it impossible to locate or speak with its master). 
DR: 1375 - The Knight Captain allies with Mantides, Charissa and Rinara, and they help one another overcome personal demons and the dangers of Westgate.
DR: 1375 - The Knight Captain refuses the “gift” of vampirism from Orbakh.
DR: 1375 - The Knight Captain helps Mantides regain his faith in Lathander.
DR: 1375 - The Knight Captain and allies foil Orbakh’s plan to create enough clones to fed a vampire army.
DR: 1375 - The Knight Captain stops the devil Zymena from taking over Westgate’s underworld.
DR: 1375 - The Knight Captain breaks the domino mask's curse.
DR: 1375 - The following morning, the Knight Captain, Mantides, Charissa and Rinara flee Westgate.
DR: 1375 - Orbakh swears vengeance, and sends a large force of Night Masks after them.
DR: 1375 - Obid rises as a powerful vampire, controlled by Orbakh.
DR: 1375 - Tam Bakk and Tobias are dispatched to Neverwinter to rout the Shadow Thieves and establish a Night Masks branch in the city.


- NWN 2: Storm of Zehir -

DR: 1375 - Nevalle is given wide latitude by Lord Nasher to save The Sword Coast’s floundering economy. 
DR: 1375 - Edwin Odesseiron’s followers establish Thayan enclave in Neverwinter’s Black Lake District with Nevalle’s blessing.
DR: 1375 - Nevalle sponsors a campaign to promote Waukeen’s church throughout Neverwinter’s territory, in the hope of bringing wealth and prosperity to the struggling lands.
DR: 1375 - Khelgar is made temporary Commander of Crossroad Keep - over his objections.
DR: 1375 - Kana takes a leave of absence to perfect her combat arts.
DR: 1375 - Kistrel driven into the Crossroad Keep caverns by frightened merchants and traders.
DR: 1375 - Sa'Sani's cargo ship wrecks off the coast of Samarach.  Adventurers traveling aboard it rescue the crew and Volothamp Geddarn from a hungry goblin tribe.
DR: 1375 - Casavir is taken to the Luskan Host Tower, where he is repeatedly tortured for information.
DR: 1375 - Sa'Sani hires the mercenaries stranded by the shipwreck to track down the cause of the disaster.  She correctly suspects sabotage.
DR: 1375 - The sell-swords gain Sa’Sani’s favor and quickly rise through the ranks of her organization.
DR: 1375 - One of Many, disoriented, separated from its Master and badly wounded, (by the Cursed Domino Mask), wanders Samarach in search of the Knight Captain. (Providing the player made the creature - if not, it is an unrelated monstrosity seeking nourishment).
DR: 1375 - Sa'Sani branches her organization into the sword coast as part of a gambit to thwart the interloper deity Zehir’s takeover of Samarach’s yuan-ti.
DR: 1375 - Desperate to generate revenue, Nevalle allows Sa'Sani to establish herself in Crossroad Keep, granting her run of the place.
DR: 1375 - Upon Nevalle’s orders, the Church of Tyr in Crossroad Keep dismantled in favor of a temple to Waukeen.
DR: 1375 - Sa’Sani’s mercenaries gather adventurers from all over the world, and grow her merchant house into the Sword Coast’s most powerful trading organization.
DR: 1375 - Sa'Sani reveals her true nature as a yuan-ti infiltrator, kills her second in command and explains the danger posed by Zehir to her employees.
DR: 1375 - The adventurers successfully convince Sa'Sani to cease some of her more mercenary ways.  Moving forward, she manages her organization without resorting to nefarious methods.
DR: 1375 - The adventurers return to Samarach and confront the yuan-ti, eventually destroying them and one of Zehir’s avatars.
DR: 1375 – Victorious, the mercenaries part company, and their story eventually becomes a popular novel by Volothamp Geddarm.


- Post Storm of Zehir -

DR: 1375 - Kana returns to the Crossroad Keep to help a flailing Khelgar manage the keep.
DR: 1375 - A cemetery is built near Crossroad keep, dedicated to those who fell battling the King of Shadows.
DR: 1375 - Neeshka attempts to kill Raines - the psychopathic leader of The Black Cats - by tricking him into raiding Khelben Blackstaff’s residence. (She surreptitiously tipped off the mage beforehand).  (If she resisted Black Garus).
DR: 1375 - The Kaiser sponsors the restoration of the Neverwinter Merchant District and the construction of a large orphanage for the many children left without parents after the war.
DR: 1375 - The Kaiser and his forces rout the Orcs of Old Owl as they attempt to rally under a new chieftain. 
DR: 1375 - Khelgar becomes suspicious of these new "champions," but his attempts to unmask them fail in an escalating series of embarrassments, costing him standing with Lord Nasher and the Neverwinter Court.
DR: 1375 - The Kaiser's agents hatch a plot with the Host Tower Mages to depose Nasher Alagondar, with the full intention of betraying the Arcane Botherhood.
DR: 1375 - The Kaiser and companions thwart the very assassination attempt they sponsored.  Vinara Omis of the Neverwinter Nine is killed by Luskans during the attack. 
DR: 1375 - The Black Dog Pirates and their fleets begin savaging shipping along the Sword Coast, laying waste to the economies of Luskan, Neverwinter, Waterdeep and Baldur’s Gate. 
DR: 1375 - The Kaiser is inducted into the Neverwinter Nine as a replacement for the presumed dead Knight Captain.  Neverwinter celebrates their new hero.


- 1376: Year of the Bent Blade -

DR: 1376 - Lord Nasher's health begins to fail, and steadily more of his administrative duties are handed to his trusted guardian - The Kaiser.
DR: 1376 - The Lord’s Alliance tasks a fleet of ten ships to track down and destroy The Black Dog Pirates.  They never return.
DR: 1376 - Isho Oroshi is inducted into the Neverwinter Nine to replace Vinara Omis.
DR: 1376 - Khelgar orders the temple of Waukeen to be cleared from the Crossroad Keep. He returns the building to the Church of Tyr.
DR: 1376 - One by one, Nasher's closest advisors are alienated, re-assigned or sent abroad on suicidal missions.  Their replacements are loyal to The Kaiser and his allies.
DR: 1376 - Sand relocates his business to Crossroad Keep, hoping to increase his profits and escape the growing instability in Neverwinter. 
DR: 1376 - Nevalle’s suspicions grow regarding The Kaiser and his allies.  He and Colonel Brelaina begin investigating the warlord’s affiliations, nearly uncovering Granite Hold in the process.
DR: 1376 - Tam Bakk arrives in Neverwinter, and, on behalf of Orbakh, gives The Kaiser compromising information regarding Sa’Sani’s Merchant House.  He then proposes an alliance between The Kaiser’s forces and The Night Masks.
DR: 1376 - Rhea’s poisons have begun to seriously impact Lord Nasher’s health and sanity.  The ruler is reduced to little more than The Kaiser’s puppet.
DR: 1376 - The Kaiser and his companions expose Sa’Sani as a yuan-ti before the entire Neverwinter Court.  When it is also revealed that Khelgar and Nevalle were aware of her true nature, Nevalle is expelled from the Nine and Khelgar loses any remaining favor he held with Lord Nasher.  
DR: 1376 - Nevalle is exiled to the Neverwinter Consulate, and made Neverwinter’s “ambassador” to Daggerford - punishment for “deceiving” Nasher and almost surrendering the Sword Coast’s economy to a yuan-ti infiltrator. 
DR: 1376 - Tam Bakk and Tobias deal a devastating blow to Neverwinter’s Shadow Thieves, driving them entirely from the Merchant District and reducing their presence in the Docks and Warrens to a fraction of its former strength.
DR: 1376 - In recognition of his service against the Shadow Thieves, Tam Bakk is appointed to the Neverwinter Nine, filling Callum’s empty post.
DR: 1376 - The Night Masks open their first branch in the Neverwinter Merchant District, and begin filling the void left by the Shadow Thieves.  Orbakh secretly arrives in Neverwinter, leaving Obid behind as “Acting Faceless” in Westgate.
DR: 1376 - Lord Nasher orders Sa’sani’s merchant warehouse expelled from Crossroad Keep, and has her headquarters demolished.  In an act of defiance, Khelgar secretly allows her to retain ownership of a small estate within the keep.
DR: 1376 - Ammon Jerro returns to the Crossroad Keep and informs Nevalle, Khelgar and Kana of the Knight Captain’s survival – the group decides to conceal this information from Neverwinter, fearing the growing conspiracy within Nasher’s inner circle.
DR: 1376 - Ammon Jerro begins to study the “unusual summoning circle” in the basement, eventually discovering its nature as a rift into Shar’s Shadow Weave.
DR: 1376 - Ammon Jerro funds the construction of an elaborate tomb for Shandra, which also serves as a powerful planar gate.
DR: 1376 - Edwin Odesseiron is appointed to the Neverwinter Nine to fill the vacancy left after Nevalle’s ouster.
DR: 1376 - After his own attempts to seal the rift fail, Ammon Jerro hires a powerful priestess of Shar to seal the Rift in the Crossroad Keep’s basement.  The Drow fails and nearly dies in her attempt.
DR: 1376 - Quarrel returns to the Crossroad Keep in search of his "messiah."  Jerro is not impressed by the lad’s attentions, and mistreats him horribly.
DR: 1376 - At The Kaiser’s urging, Lord Nasher sends Sir Darmon and a large Greycloak force to slay the green dragon Haxarcanalon – the party is never seen or heard from again.
DR: 1376 - Sa’Sani’s merchant house begins to collapse.  Now that her heritage is known, few towns allow her caravans inside their borders, and Sa’Sani’s many warehouses are piled high with goods she cannot sell.  Unable to return to Samarach and unable to make a profit in The Sword Coast, her merchant house flounders.
DR: 1376 - Gann, Safiya and two of her students arrive at Crossroad Keep.  They panic upon discovering the Knight Captain has not returned.  They seek out Ammon Jerro and Khelgar.
DR: 1376 - Captain Lastri uses her share of the mercenary band’s earnings to commission the construction of a new ship – the Vigilant II.
DR: 1376 - Neeshka returns to Crossroad Keep, having discovered nothing of the Knight Captain’s location. (If she resisted Black Garus).
DR: 1376 - Daeghun rescues Bevil Starling and his men after they became hopelessly lost.  Following information obtained from Tarmas, the group heads east, arriving in Westgate several weeks after the Knight Captain departed west.
DR: 1376 - A series of punitive taxes are levied on all lands protected by Neverwinter – the funds are secretly diverted to finance further pirate attacks along the Sword Coast.  The citizenry begin to stage tax revolts and angry protests against Lord Nasher.
DR: 1376 - Sendai Ri'fialle is appointed to the Neverwinter Nine, filling the vacancy left when Aaron Rathmar IV resigned his commission.  He was exposed to a mysterious poison, which left him permanently crippled. 
DR: 1376 - The Raven’s Allies, (a mercenary company run by the half-orc Granton Granholmn), is retained by The Kaiser to carry out orders Neverwinter’s Greycloaks might refuse.  The sell-swords roundly crush all opposition, from bandits to peasants chaffing under heavy taxation. 
DR: 1376 - The Lord’s Alliance condemns the manner in which the peasant uprisings in Neverwinter are quelled.  Nasher’s government is officially sanctioned, and relations with Silverymoon and Mirabar begin to sour.
DR: 1376 - On The Kaiser’s advice, tariffs are placed on goods shipped to Neverwinter from Waterdeep, Mirabar, Silverymoon and Baldur's gate, resulting in economic retaliation and further driving the region into ruin.
DR: 1376 - Ammon Jerro, Gann and Safiya begin to search for the missing Knight Captain.  The trio journeys to the Fugue Plane, and possibly recruits Kaelyn the Dove.  (If the Knight Captain created One of Many, Kaelyn will refuse her aid).
DR: 1376 - Luskan, Neverwinter, Baldur's Gate and Waterdeep enter a severe economic depression due to political instability and rampant piracy.
DR: 1376 - The Sunken Flagon falls onto hard times as Neverwinter’s merchant and sea trade falters. Duncan is forced to shutter his tavern and travel to Crossroad Keep, where, in a humiliating reversal, he tends bar for his former employee Sal. 
DR: 1376 - Granton Granholmn is appointed to the Neverwinter Nine to replace the presumed dead Sir Darmon.


- NWN 2: Nightsinger’s Bane -

DR: 1376 - A diplomatic escort mission from Baldur’s Gate goes horribly awry, and Duke Belt is nearly killed by The Kaiser and his Greycloaks.  The Lord’s Alliance is thrown into chaos, and there is talk in Waterdeep of expelling Neverwinter from the organization. 
DR: 1376 - Sendai Ri'fialle has now drawn a host of nearly 10,000 Drow to the colony below Granite Hold.
DR: 1376 - Early Spring - NX4 Campaign begins.  The Knight Captain and his companions from Westgate return to the Sword Coast, pursued by a vast force of vampire Night Masks.  They approach the ruins of Dragon Spear Castle, exhausted, wounded and very nearly out of options…