Starbound Bases - Astrobiology Lab

The Astrobiology Lab is a specialized containment center where examples of every known non-sentient species is safely contained for research and observation. Each containment cell maintains a breathable atmosphere and comfortable climate for the specimen, while armored hatches and pressurized dura-steel walls contain even the most aggressive life forms.


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Specimen Containment Cells - The installation hosts a large number of prefabricated Specimen Containment Cells, each boasting a configurable environmental control suite and military-grade armoring. Advanced sensor packages allow scientists and students to conduct research on a limitless number of alien life forms at a safe distance. Each floor contains a double-sized pressure chamber for extra-large extra-terrestrials.


Aquarium - Near the laboratory's pinnacle sits a massive exo-aquarium, brimming with alien sea life. The two-foot thick, tempered glass structure holds an example of every catalogued ocean-dwelling creature known to the U.E.P. and Miniknog Science Authority.


Standard Amenities - The Astrobiology Lab also hosts the standard amenities listed in the Starbound Custom Universe Section. If you are interested in these basic features, click HERE for more information.