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The Amazon is the queen of ranged weapons - and her skill tree is highly diverse in this regard. She is highly effective with using bows, crossbows, javelins, and to a lesser degree, spears, in combat. An Amazon is one of the few characters that, with a single spec, can successfully deal devastating melee and ranged AoE damage simultaneously, making them a fun, popular, and useful class.

The weakness of the amazon is her low durability, coupled with her equipment dependance. Her success depends on access to a truly top-end bow, crossbow, javelin, or spear, and for the elemental builds, an Infinity Runeword weapon for her mercenary to deal with lightning immune monsters. This gear dependency makes the amazon difficult to use as a beginning character, but very rewarding as a twink once some of the stronger weapons and runewords are aquired.

Skill Recommendations:

Javalin & Spear Skills:
• Lightning Fury
• Charged Strike
• Lightning Strike
• Fend
• Jab
Passive & Magic Skills:
• Valkyrie
• Pierce
• Critical Strike
• Slow Missiles
• Penetrate
Bow & Crossbow Skills:
• Multiple Shot
• Strafe
• Freezing Arrow
• Guided Arrow
• Magic Arrow
Top Skills:
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Primary Stats:
Primary: Dexterity
Secondary: Vitality
Tertiary: Strength

Recommended Mercs:
Type: Nightmare Act 2
Aura: Might (Offensive)

Mercenary Armor:
• Vampire Gaze (Um)
• Shaftstop (Um)
Mercenary Weapons:
• Pride Runeword
• Infinity Runeword
• Doom Runeword
• Obedience Runeword

Noteworthy Skills:
amazonMulti-Shot: This skill with turn any high-end bow or cross-bow into a virtual arrow-fan. Balance the number of skill-points invested against the mana-cost - level 10 + equipment is usually a good number, although higher investment is reasonable with enough mana-steal gear.

amazonLightning Fury: Lightning Fury turns a simple thrown javelin into an explosion of electric death. When properly synergized, this skill will level clustered packs of anything not completely immune to the element - in seconds. What's more, the entire barrage of lightning will arc outwards again for each time the projectile pierces an enemy, making it one of the single most effective area of effect powers in the entire game.

amazonValkiery: This ability summons down a hard-hitting, super-meat-shield in the form of a glowing female warrior. Armed with a massive spear, she will wake, stab, slaughter, and tank large packs of monsters - leaving the Amazon free to strafe, stab, or otherwise perforate the minions of hell into kibble.

Equipment Suggestions:
amazonEquipment Suggestions: The Amazon should seek out equipment that adds attack speed, life, faster hit recovery, and dexterity above all other mods. For javelin based amazons, high amounts of mana, mana-steal and a great shield are essential to success. Bow users should focus on insane dexterity and attack speed - they can very easily clear out entire fields of enemies before they even enter the screen.

An Amazon's effective range is several times the visible screen draw distance - use this to your advantage by blasting into areas you have yet to explore prior to advancing. The if your manaor life orbs recharge, you know your hitting something. Kill it before the monster even has time to get close.

Primary Gear Recommendations:

Build Armor Helm Weapon Shield
Bowazon: Fortitude Runeword Andariel's Visage Faith Runeword None
Javazon: 4x Lightning Facet Armor Griffon's Eye Thunderstroke Javalin 4x Lightning Facet Monarch
Ice Maiden: 4x Cold Facet Armor Nightwing's Veil Ice Runeword None
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