Starbound Bases - Museum

The Museum is a large installation dedicated to preserving the art, culture, literature and antiquities of the past. it also hosts a substantial library and mineral collection for public viewing and research. The facility is broken into five wings, each dedicated to different subject matter, with independent turbo shafts servicing each strata.


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Exo-Paleontology Wing - The Exo-Paleontology Wing boasts an unparalleled collection of ancient fossils, dating back millions of years. From petrified plants to enormous pre-historic monsters, this section offers a tantalizing window into the galaxy's past.


Collections Wing - From popular action figures to geological mineral samples, the collections wing houses an interesting - if eclectic - variety of curios. Among its shelves you might find everything from colorful geodes to collections of plushies, tribal masks or even gold-wrought artifacts.


Exo-Antiquities Wing - The Exo-Antiquities level proudly displays sculptures and wall hangings from around the universe. Magnificent statues from every known race dot the hallways, while tapestries and emblems of long lost cultures decorate the walls.


Art Gallery - The Art Gallery contains three tiers of masterwork art from every corner of the cosmos. Classical Apex reproductions, Human masterpieces, serene Hylotl woodblock prints and intriguing modern art paintings are just a sample of the treasures on display.


Library - The library warehouses the combined lore of the Human, Apex, Hylotl, Glitch, Avian, Floran and Nova Kid races. The voluminous shelves contain books, newspapers, magazines, research papers, digital media and even primitive scribbling on bark. The floor also boasts an impressive collection of design schematics and blueprints.


Standard Amenities - The Museum also hosts the standard amenities listed in the Starbound Custom Universe Section. If you are interested in these basic features, click HERE for more information.