Neverwinter Nights 2: Nightsinger's Bane

NX4 Amunition System

Neverwinter NightsWe've been correcting an oversight in Neverwinter Nights 2 - a lack of quality throwing weapons. Due to developer oversight - or time constraints - the game lacks most projectile weapons in a sufficient quantity, (and quality), to support a character specialized on their use. Because of this, shuriken, throwing darts and throwing axes are regulated to emergency backup weapons or vendor trash, and their related feats and classes (such as stormlords), are vastly underutilized.

1): Improving Throwing Weapons:
To address this shortcoming, we have added several "epic level" stacks of shuriken, throwing axes and darts. The stack sizes are 50, and comparable, if not exceeding the power of other legendary weapons, due to their limited nature. These items can be replenished through repeatable quests so ensure a steady supply of them.


2): Upgrade Items:
We've added Seven new material components which drop semi-regularly from monsters throughout the campaign and in the infinite dungeon - which are used to create powerful new throwing weapons:
- Flame Devil Tooth (Fire)
- Frost Demon Tusk (Cold)
- Thunderbird's Heart (Electricity)
- Venom Drake Hide (Acid)
- Banshee Essence (Sonic)
- Lich Dust (Negative Energy)
- Couatl Scales (Positive Energy)


3): New Prefixes:
(These are new projectile weapon powers).
We've created new types of ammunition and throwing weapons - some are specific to certain factions, some cast spells on hit, and others have enhanced effects against certain types of targets.

Slaying, Slumber, Impact, Wounding, Shredding, Crushing, Divine, Darkness, Were-bane, +6, Silence, Anti-Summon, Grease, Sonic, Polar, Rashemie, Greycloak, Wa Mercenary, Wateredhavian.


Neverwinter Nights Neverwinter Nights


4: Expanded Prefixes:
(These powers did not exist for all projectile types. We also fixed several missing SoZ icons).
There was no consistency among the projectile groups for special types of ammunition. For example, you might have arrows that poison a target, but no bullets or throwing axes. Or a bolt that turns a target to stone, while shruiken lack this power. All projectiles and ammunition have thus been equalized - if an elemental or magical sub-type exists for one, it now exists for all.

Flame, Acid, Frost, Poison, Vampiric, Lightning, Explosive, Petrification, Piercing, Adamantine, Cold Iron, Alchemical Silver.


5): Quest Upgrades:
Created a series of crafting quests from the Merchant Jacoby to forge powerful throwing weapons of various types:

Neverwinter Nights

- Dragon's Breath Throwing Weapon:
These weapons glow as though red-hot, and yet, they are cool to the touch... until thrown in anger,at which point the air around them shimmers with heat.

Required Item: Dragon Tooth
Stack Size: 50
Sell Value: 5,000 gp per 50
    • Power 1: +6 Enhancement bonus
    • Power 2: 5d6 Fire Damage
    • Power 3: 25% chance of Fear on hit, DC 24, 2 round duration
    • Power 4: On Hit: Fireball, level 2

- Winter's Heart Throwing Weapon:
These throwing weapons glow with a pale radiance, and small ice crystals drift lazily from their blades. When thrown, they explode into a cloud of absolute cold.

Required Item: Frost Demon Tusk
Stack Size: 50
Sell Value: 5,000 gp per 50
    • Power 1: +6 Enhancement bonus
    • Power 2: 5d6 Cold Damage
    • Power 3: 25% chance of Ability Drain - DEX on hit, DC 24.
    • Power 4: On Hit: Ice Storm, level 2.

- Raging Thunder Throwing Weapon:
Tendrils of electricity coarse over the surface of these weapons. Harmless until thrown, they strike with the fury of a thunderbolt upon striking a foe.

Required Item: Thunderbird's Heart
Stack Size: 50
Sell Value: 5,000 gp per 50
    • Power 1: +6 Enhancement bonus
    • Power 2: 5d6 Electrical Damage
    • Power 3: 25% chance of Daze on hit, DC 20, 4 round duration
    • Power 4: On Hit: Chain Lightning, level 2.

- World Serpent's Throwing Weapon:
Highly corrosive acid drips from these throwing weapons. The fluid is harmless until hurled, at which point the weapon is capable of dissolving the strongest steel in seconds.

Required Item: Venom Drake Hide
Stack Size: 50
Sell Value: 5,000 gp per 50
    • Power 1: +6 Enhancement bonus
    • Power 2: 3d6 Acid Damage
    • Power 3: Poison on hit, DC 28, 1d2 Constitution Damage
    • Power 4: On Hit: Bane, level 2

- Harmonic Dissonance Throwing Weapon:
These throwing weapons seem to throb and vibrate in your hands. When hurled, they explode into a cacophony of destructive sound, shattering teeth, bones and eardrums alike.

Required Item: Banshee Essence
Stack Size: 50
Sell Value: 5,000 gp per 50
    • Power 1: +6 Enhancement bonus
    • Power 2: 3d6 Sonic Damage
    • Power 3: 25% chance of Confusion on hit, DC 26, 3 round duration
    • Power 4: 25% chance of Stun on hit, DC 26, 3 round duration

- Tomb Reaver Throwing Weapon:
These weapons crawl with a black radiance, and seem to consume the very light around their wielder. When thrown, they explode with crackling necromantic energy which attacks the very life-force of their target.

Required Item: Lich Dust
Stack Size: 50
Sell Value: 5,000 gp per 50
    • Power 1: +6 Enhancement bonus
    • Power 2: 3d6 Negative Energy Damage
    • Power 3: Level Drain on hit, DC 20, Negative Energy type
    • Power 4: Vampiric Regeneration +5

- Radiant Heart Throwing Weapon:
These weapons radiate benevolent - and potent - energy. Evil creatures in particular are quickly smitten by the weapon's holy power.

Required Item: Couatl Scales
Stack Size: 50
Sell Value: 5,000 gp per 50
    • Power 1: +6 Enhancement bonus
    • Power 2: 3d6 Positive Energy Damage
    • Power 3: 25% chance of Blindness, DC 24, 4 round duration.
    • Power 4: On Hit: Hammer of the Gods. Level 2

When the party has any of the components on hand, this will trigger a dialog option when interacting with Jacoby to create a stack of the throwing weapons, the type will be chosen by the player. The objects mention in their descriptions that a master weaponsmith will be able to use them to forge powerful throwing weapons.


6): Standardizing Ammunition:
We've addressed some of archery's weaknesses end-game with an array of utility ammunition for bows, crossbows and slings. These new types of ammunition are sold by all fletching vendors, and cast various spells on impact. These new projectiles are also available as shruiken, throwing axes and darts.

Neverwinter Nights

    • +6 Enhancement Bonus
    • Acid
    • Anti-Summoning
    • Darkness
    • Detonation
    • Divine
    • Fire
    • Ice
    • Lightning
    • Grease
    • Perification
    • Piercing
    • Poison
    • Mild Poison
    • Silence
    • Vampiric
    • Were-bane
    • Slaying
    • Impact
    • Slumber
    • Wounding
    • Shredding
    • Crushing
    • Sonic
    • Polar
    • Rashemie
    • Greycloak
    • Wa Mercenary
    • Wateredhavian

Neverwinter Nights Neverwinter Nights


7): Artifact Throwing Weapons:
We've created three artifact throwing weapons for characters interested in making throwing stars, darts and throwing axes their primary attack mode. These new weapons come in two parts - an inventory item, and the actual throwing weapons. Once per day, the inventory item can be used, generating a non-tradeable, non-sellable stack of 20 epic-tier throwing items.

Neverwinter Nights

Munetoshi's Star - Inventory Item:
This legendary shuriken was said to have belonged to a powerful and mysterious ninja clan far beyond the Unapproachable East. Once per day, the weapon can create 20 copies of itself, which can be hurled at opponents in battle.
    • Power 1: +2 Move Silently
    • Power 2: +2 Hide
    • Power 3: Create Item - 20 Munetoshi's Star 1x/Day
    • Power 4: Invisibility 3x/Day
    • Power 5: Invisibility Sphere 3x/Day
    • Power 6: Greater Invisibility 1x/Day

Munetoshi's Star - Shuriken:
    • Power 1: +8 Enhancement Bonus
    • Power 2: +2d6 Slashing
    • Power 3: +2d6 Piercing
    • Power 4: +8 Vampiric Regeneration
    • Power 5: +10 Attack Bonus
    • Power 6: On Hit: Darkness
    • Power 7: Bonus Feat: Stealthy

Pangu's Throwing Axe - Inventory Item:
In a distant land it is believed the god Pangu forged the world. To create order from the primordial chaos, he separated the light and darkness with a swing of his giant axe. One each day, the axe can generate 20 copies of itself, which may be hurled at enemies.
    • Power 1: +1 AC
    • Power 2: +5 Hit Points
    • Power 3: Create Item - 20 Pangu's Throwing Axe 1x/Day
    • Power 4: Burning Hands - Unlimited
    • Power 5: Elemental Shield 3x/Day
    • Power 6: Fire Storm 1x/Day

Pangu's Throwing Axe - Throwing Axe:
    • Power 1: +8 Enhancement Bonus
    • Power 2: +2d6 Divine
    • Power 3: +2d6 Negative Energy
    • Power 4: +12 Strength Bonus
    • Power 5: Bonus Feat: Knockdown

Vasavi Shakti - Inventory Item:
This potent dart was the magical weapon of a foreign deity named Indra. It was given to the great hero Karna and used against Ghatotkacha in the Mahabharata war. One each day, the weapon can generate 20 copies of itself, which may be hurled at one's foes.
    • Power 1: +2 Intimidate
    • Power 2: +2 Taunt
    • Power 3: Create Item - 20 Vasavi Shakti 1x/Day
    • Power 4: Hiss of Sleep 3x/Day
    • Power 5: Keen Edge 3x/Day
    • Power 6: Evard's Black Tentacles 1x/Day

Vasavi Shakti - Dart:
    • Power 1: +8 Enhancement Bonus
    • Power 2: +2d6 Bludgeoning Damage
    • Power 3: +2d6 Piercing Damage
    • Power 4: Massive Criticals: 2d12
    • Power 5: On Hit: Gedlee's Electric Loop
    • Power 6: Bonus Feat: Power Attack


8): Bountiful Containers:
We've created a series of Bountiful Quivers, Quarrels and Pouches to ease the excessive costs associated with archery. These inventory items are upgradable with special components discovered as the player explores the campaign.

Neverwinter Nights

Initially, they create stacks of non-magical, non-sellable and non-tradable arrows, bolts and bullets. With each upgrade, the Enhancement Bonus on the arrows rises by +1. At maximum power, the these wondrous items can create stacks of +5 arrows.


These additions should go a long ways to making archers and characters created around the use of throwing projectiles much more fun, interesting and viable to play.