Torchlight Class Information


The Embermage is Torchlight II's reigning champion when it comes to ridiculous storms of area-of-effect magic damage. What the Vanquisher was to Torchlight, the Embermage is to the sequel. An Embermage's power comes for their passive "Brand" skills, which greatly magnify the damage dealt by their spells, which are all capable of being "composite" entities, striking all 4 elements simultaneously.

Embermages can choose to attack at melee range thanks to some insanely lethal point-blank skills, or even auto-attack with dual wands passibly, but they really shine when their AoE damage magic comes into play. Spells like Shockbolts, Prismatic Bolt, Thunder Locus, Hail Storm, Firestorm, and Frostwave... especially Frostwave... are capable of filling the screen with so much elemental damage that it becomes downright impossible to SEE THE FLOOR. Needless to say, the legions of the Netherim are wholly and completely fucked.

For New Game+ play, skills like Ice Prison, Frost Phase, and Immolation Aura are precious, and synergize to spectacular effect with the Embermage's overwhelming arsenal of wide-area-death-magic. Arguably the strongest character in Torchlight II, a properly built and geared Embermage is destruction incarnate.


• Immolation Aura
• Fire Storm
• Magma Mace
• Fire Brand
• Elemental Attunement
• Frostwave
• Ice Prison
• Frost Phase
• Ice Brand
• Frozen Fate
• Prismatic Bolt
• Thunder
• Shock Trap
• Ice Brand
• Prismatic Rift
Recommended Spells:
embermage embermage
embermage embermage
Primary Stats:
Primary: Focus
Secondary: Vitality
Tertiary: Strength

Recommended Pet:
• Mole Beast
• Spider
• Swampflyer

Pet Spells:
embermage embermage
embermage embermage
Note: Frost III-VI

Embermages should concern themselves with gear that increases focus, cast speed, and percentile elemental damage. For end-game play, a shield and wand combination tends to surpass dual wand and staff builds, however, all three play-styles are end=game viable.

The class specific Emberweave and Transcendent sets are both excellent choices for an Embermage, with good bonuses and acceptable cast speed. For general gear, the Celestial and Sentinel sets both offer strong bonuses in survivability and cast speed respectively. For a those looking to peace-meal a suit, the Winter's Reach set gives a large selection of bonuses for only a few pieces worn.

For weapons, few things can compete with a nice four socket wand loaded down with cast speed Chaos Ember, although The Earth Dies Screaming, Invincible, The Black Glove, Heart of Glass, and the Blizzard Set are lethal. The claw The Beast with a Million Eyes is considered by many to be the single strongest caster weapon in the game.

Save weapon sockets and enchantment slots for cast speed or integer elemental damage. It's a critical power, and difficult to get on armor.

Cast-speed Chaos Ember is always valuable in weapons, as are Meerko Skulls, Xax Skulls, Wfuntir Skulls, and Zardon's Mighty Skulls. For Armor, the Eyes of Gunnbren and Stennbrun are potent, as are Skulls of Yanfeer. For those more defensively minded, Riechliu and Limonay skulls reign as kings.

embermage embermage embermage