About Us

Welcome to the Deth Guild

About UsCongratulations... you've stumbled into the "About Us" page. Give yourself a cookie. (And you three-letter goons at Langley can fuck right the hell off. Based on the number of .gov hits we get, we've noticed you Federales are a significant chunk of our traffic.).

What is the Deth Guild?
We are a diverse band of serendipitous Trouble-makers, Vandals, Saxons, Crusaders, Doomers, Crazies, Strait-men, Bads, Goods, Grey-Hats, Political Junkies, and Gamers, gathered together for one reason: To play merry-hell with anyone and anything that happens to catch our interest at any given second. We cater to tastes both mundane and perverse, and do so with the all the glee and satisfaction that comes from knowing that the highest possible form of praise is the derision of our enemies.

Who is SilverDeth?
SilverDeth is more of a "job title" held by several individuals than a single person. Think "The Dread Pirate Roberts." Savvy?

Why such a stupid name for your group?
Because - Fuck you - that's why.

Why is this site such a schizophrenic mess of different topics:
Because some of us are as mad as a hatter. And others are... disturbed...

What does Vai Victus mean?
Vai VictusIt's our guild motto, and proudly emblazoned on our coat of arms. It's Latin for "Suffering to the Conquered" or "Woe to the Conquered." It can also be spelled "Vae Victis" and its correct pronunciation is: [wai 'wikti's].

The phrase was attributed to Brennus the Gaul after his attack on Rome. He thoroughly sacked the city, and the demanded 1,000 gold coins as ransom. The Romans agreed to his terms, but were angered when they noticed his scales were weighted. He laughed mightily, threw his sword on the scale, and loudly proclaimed "Vai-Victus" - for the conquered have no rights. Suffering and woe to them.


Financial News Department: Gus
Your ring-side announcer as the fiscal world spirals completely off it's rocker.

IT Department: Vacant
We're currently without tech services. We'll manage.

Website Development: SonOfSD
Edumunicated goodly'n South Dakota with a background in porn editing and web design. Perfect.

Guild Majordomo: SweetDeth
Loyal to the end - and he has the fucking ink to prove it. Considered the second in command.

Masters of Games: Arenaceusmaga and JuanOrez
These men knows games, lore, and generally all-around awesome shit. Gotta have some fun folks.

Lord of Darkness: The Raven
A master author, his words are as deadly as swords.

Guild Geologist: Eolon
You'll never meet another able to slay so many of the watermelon's sacred cattle so effortlessly.

Honorary Blog-father: William T. Quick
A brilliant libertarian author, and a source of no small amount of inspiration for the freedom minded.

News Department: The SilverDeths
Much like Tyler Durden of Zero Hedge fame - tis a mask worn by many. 'Nuff Said.

Legal Department: J.M.B.
The master of hemp rope and streetlights. Do NOT fuck with this man in court.

Crazy Survivalist Department: SilverDeth Prime
The only thing scarier than the shit this man authors is the fact that he might just be RIGHT.