Baldur's Gate


Baldur's gateOne of the Unique qualities of the Baldur's Gate series is the ability of a player to "take over" various keeps, castles, and dungeons and turn them into a base of operations. A place for the Heroes to "hang their cloak." While Baldur's Gate II provided the best official support, with scores of various class related strongholds, players have been co-opting enemy controlled fortifications to their own purposes since the very beginning.

Naturally, we are no exception to those who enjoy pretending to lord over a giant-assed Mid-evil Castle! To this end, we've created the Stronghold Packs.

Durlag's Tower (BG I: TotSC)
De'Arnise Hold (BG II: SoA)
Watcher's Keep (BG II: ToB)

Stronghold Overview

Our "Headquarters" Files are specially modded saves which allow players to enter near the beginning of each respective game with a fully stocked Castle under their command. The fortifications are filled with helpful NPCs, equipment, and the maximum number of recruitable henchmen. Care was taken to leave as many of the central plot elements incomplete as possible, and in some cases, important battles have been re-spawned, allowing the player to enjoy him/herself. If romances are possible, the most difficult one to complete is established, however, the flags for other PC's have been set to to neutral - allowing a player to pursue any of the love interests.

All the equipment has been gathered from the previous titles, and placed either in the Adventruer's Mart shop inventory or the Stronghold Armory - so the player maintains access to all of the equipment from each preceding expansion pack.

Note 1: The player-1 position is a dummy placeholder file the user can replace with their own custom character.

Note 2: The Baldur's Gate II and Throne of Bhaal saves are compatable with the Enhanced Editions.

To swap in a new player character:
- Place the stronghold file in the multi-player save folder.
- Start the Game.
- Create a multi-player game.
- Load the saved game.
- In the player acceptance screen, delete the placeholder.
- Replace with a new character or Import your favorite!

Once this is done, enter the game, save, and you may continue to play in multi-player, or you can place the save in the regular save game folder. Come! Your Castles await!

Baldur's Gate II Info

In Baldur's Gate II, the save file has been modded so that the player has ALL of the Strongholds. Yes, you read that correctly. Enjoy the battle against Bodhi when ALL of the allies from your various strongholds show up for the most epically satisfying evil curb-stomp in history.


To get the most from the Stronghold Packs a player will need the following:
- The Desired Stronghold Save file.
- BG I NPC Voice Pack. (BG II Only)
- The Tales from the Sword Coast Expansion. (BG I Only)
- The Throne of Bhaal Expansion. (BG II Only)
- All Official Black Isle/Bioware Patches