Starbound Bases - Arboretum

The Arboretum is a very straightforward installation - the massive structure grows trees. Lots of trees. Lots and lots and LOTS of trees. In fact... ALL the trees.

The plants on the lowest levels produce food - ranging from coconuts and cactus to kelp and alien fruit. As you push further into the installation, there are trees capable of growing everything from exotic hardwoods to biological samples useful in medical research.


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Arboretum Pods - The massive Arboretum Pods are capable of supporting any known species of tree. Soil nutrients and moisture are maintained by a complex array of climate control systems, while lightning, radiation levels and humidify are adjusted on a case-by-case basis to accommodate plant life from Tier 1 to Tier 6 worlds. Recessed compartments hold spare saplings and essential tools for manual care of the more complex species.


Hot House - The hot-house maintains a dry, desert-like climate, ideal for supporting cacti and reeds. Exotic alien sands are enriched with micro-nutrients, while powerful overhead lightning units emulate the arid environments of these succulent plants. A nearby locker contains a large number of different cactus saplings in stasis pods, each with their own colorful flowers and textures.


Hydroponics Bay - The Hydropnics Bay consists of two enormous aerated salt-water tanks. These pressurized dura-steel vats are each capable of holding seven-hundred and fifty measures of water, and their vented floor accurately emulates a fertile sea-bed. Perfect for growing large stands of kelp and other underwater crops, this bay provides essential components for wide variety of prized Hylotl cooking recipes.

Standard Amenities - The Arboretum also hosts the standard amenities listed in the Starbound Custom Universe Section. If you are interested in these basic features, click HERE for more information.