Starcraft Racine's Rebels

Racine's Rebels

StarcraftRacine's Rebels is a custom Starcraft AI mod that drastically ramps the challenge factor of any computer deployed in a map. It was designed by Team Liquid member L_Master to create a more challenging single player environment.

The launcher is playable, (providing all parties in a game use the mod), and deemed legitimate by Blizzard Staff - so the fun can be expanded not only LAN play, but to friends all over the world.

The Computer's build orders are hyper optimized, and it's micro strategy is greatly enhanced. Additionally, the computer is, at certain intervals, given free resources, adding further difficulty to their faction.

Racine's Rebels functions as a "Launcher" application, which automatically opens Broodwar, and applies the game changes - when a player wants to use the mod, they only need to run Racine's Rables - to play Vanilla Broodwar, simple start the game as normal.

We highly recommend this mod for those looking to get some more mileage from the game, or for the Team V.S. computer crowds looking for a longer, harder battle.

Racine's Rebels:
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