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Torchlight Mods

TorchlightThis area is populated by custom mods created for the games Torchlight and Torchlight II using Runic's campaign editor.

Torchlight I Mods:
Deth Guild T1 Mod-Pack, Ver 3.3

Torchlight II Mods:
• Someday, we'd like to make some.


Please note, that while we do our level best to keep the Deth Guild Mod-Packs compatible with other people's work, it's impossible to guarantee that bad things won't happen if you import altered characters and items into our re-balanced content. It's strongly recommended that new a character be created for the adventure we've laid before you. Thanks, and enjoy.

Title: Torchlight Mod-Pack
By: The Deth Guild
Version: 3.3

Game-play changes:
• Brink: Upgraded to be more useful in the Shadow Vault.
• Chaos Ember: Improved chance for Chaos Ember to drop.
• Explosive Shot: Volume reduced on Explosive shot.
• Hamstring: Damage scales better.
• Infuse: Duration altered.
• Spider Pet: New black Widow model added for spider pet.
• Stashes: 3 new stashes added.
• Vendor - Gaspar: Epic Boss Maps merchant added.
• Vendor - Gwenllian: Vanquisher merchant added.
• Vendor - Anya: Ember merchant added.
• Vandor - Arthur: Fish merchant added.
• Vendor - Zeris: Scroll merchant added.
• Vendor - Tarn: Now sells Respec potions.
• Vendor - Kolos: Now sells melee equipment.
• Vendor - Triya: Now sells rare and unique Jewelery.
• Vendor - Enchanter: No longer disenchants.

Spell Changes:
• Web Spell: Changed to offensive.
• Charm Spell: Changed to offensive.
• Town Portal Spell: Changed to offensive.
• Identify Spell: Changed to offensive.
• Silence Spell: Changed to offensive.
• Elemental Burst Spell: Changed to defensive.
• Dervish Spell: Changed to defensive.
• Summon Flaming Sword Spell: Changed to charm.
• Summon Bee Swarm Spell: Changed to charm.
• Summon Alo Gel Spell: Changed to charm.
• Fireball Spell: Damage greatly increased.
• Icebolt Spell: Damage greatly increased.
• Poison Cloud Spell: Damage greatly increased.
• Fireball Spell: Recast timer greatly reduced.
• Icebolt Spell: Recast timer greatly reduced.
• Summon Flaming Sword Spell: Damage greatly increased.
• Summon Alo Gel Spell: Recast timer greatly reduced.
• Repel Spell: Added chance to generate.
• Elemental Protection Spell: Level VI improved.
• Retribution Spell: Level VI improved.
• New Spell Icons to reflect new Spell categories.
• All Charm Spell Summon Durations Increased.
• Improved vendor prices for Spells.

Custom Item Skins:
• New Alchemist Chain Armor Skin.
• New Vulture Armor Skin.
• New Graven's Set Armor Skin.

Item Changes:
• Rings: Better distribution of ring graphics.
• Amulets: better distribution of amulet graphics.
• Armor: Hundreds of skin/icon swaps.
• Weapons: Hundreds of skin/icon swaps.