Din's Curse Equipment Guide

Equipment Guide

Din's CurseThis is the equipment landing page for the ARPG Din's Curse and it's expansion Demon War. Here you can find a synopsis of the gear, costs, and an overview of the various goodies laying about the dungeon floor.

This section breaks into four categories:
Standard Equipment

Standard Equipment includes all consumable items, backpacks, potions, and other odds and ends. Weapons are anything the character holds in it's hands, as either a spell focus or to stab/beat a monster to death with. Armor is clothing that mitigates damage from enemy attacks, and accessories are a special class of equipment that includes trinkets, cloaks and other baubles.

With the exception of pure spellcasters and summoners, the personal power of any character in Din's Curse is largely dependent on the quality of his or her equipment. To kill creatures efficiently, the player will need a powerful, hard hitting weapon. To tank blows, the character will want a very high defense shield and the greatest armor score manageable - along with decent elemental resistances.

The fact that so many of the characters are heavily gear dependent cuts both ways. While the "theoretical minimums" of item-reliant classes are well below the average output of casters and pet classes, the maximum damage and killing speed of these other classes, (when properly attired), greatly eclipses the slaying power and durability of nukers and summoners. (This all hinges upon the player investing enough time and effort in gathering their collection of powerful relics).

Casters have more freedom with equipment selection - the statistics enhanced by their armor, jewelry and weapons outweigh the need for high defense and a raw fang-shattering armor value. Barring certain emergency buff spells, it's simply not possible to make a cloth wearing caster into a tank - if the beasties get in range... well... din-din time. To compensate for this independence, the finger-wagglers tend to have lower maximum damage output when contrasted to the death-machine that is a Demon Hunter, Rogue or Warrior packing a 300+ damage weapon.

All said and dine, he equipment, it's complexities, and fine-tuning it to one's play-style is the heart and soul of Din's Curse. The loot - and the hunt for it - provides the fun, the rational and the excitement.