Starbound Bases - Feedlot

The Feedlot is a station dedicated to animal husbandry. At this site, a wide variety of animals are raised for their hides, milk, meat and eggs. The station contains everything needed to keep its occupants healthy and well fed, while also housing stations to transport and sell the processed animal products.


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Kennel - The kennel is the home of three playful and obediant dogs. Loyal companions as a player explores the stars, these pets are housebroken and trained to make use of a variety of helpful collars. Nearby capture pod tethers makes it simple to bring your four-legged friend along on your adventures, although your ship's pet may object to the competition.


Moth Traps - The Moth Traps are grated wooden structures with a bright halogen light attached. During the night, they draw moths inside, and gather silk fiber. If left undisturbed long enough, they will eventually fill, producing between one and three rolls of silk per station. Silk can be used to produce into a number of high-end clothing items and medical supplies.


TerraMart Shipment Station - This specialized station 3D-prints a sealed cooler crate, and then launches it into space. It is then collected and transported to the nearest TerraMart branch store. This allows industrious players to sell animal products and plant produce at better prices than those offered by standard merchants. With an optimized enough feedlot or greenhouse, one can earn tens of thousands of pixels per hour.

Animal Corrals - Each type of livestock is sorted by species, and house in their own specialized corral. An auto-trough provides ample water, and regular shipments of feed keep the occupants well fed. The open concept design allows easy access to the animals, and they can be harvested in mere seconds, allowing a player near immediate access to their product.


Standard Amenities - The Feedlot also hosts the standard amenities listed in the Starbound Custom Universe Section. If you are interested in these basic features, click HERE for more information.