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Oh Hello Union Trash! Way to Up the Discourse...

Unions Are Human Garbage

I guess this is some more of the "open mindedness and tolerance" that the fuck-heads on the left are so fond of. Hey... I thought those evil nasty tea-beggars were supposed to be the violent ones! A casual observer with 1/4th a brain might start to wonder about all these little MSM "narratives" having shit-all to do with the reality of the situation...

Too bad the pigs, who are all too ready to lock a citizen up for spanking a child, smoking a joint, or exercising their constitutionally guaranteed right to bear arms, can't be bothered to uphold the law as Crowder is being assaulted by rat-scum union garbage eh?

(Side note - From a close examination of the Union Cunt-ball in the photo, it's patently obvious that the human body was not built to sustain 400lbs).

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I will be mightily surprised if this union gutter-ball sees any sort of punishment. These are left-wing thugs, pure and simple, and as is being proven, the LAWS of this land, are being used to hammer ONE class of people, while being totally ignored with regards to another set of people. This will NOT change until people - patriots - heroes - rise up, and begin taking the law into their own hands.

The courts, the police, and the government no longer offers and solace or relief from the torments that liberty minded Americans must endure. No, in fact, these institutions DOUBLE the sting of these injustices - by using the iron-fist of the state assault from a different vector.

The war has come to US patriots. The institutions of our society and government have totally failed us. The only options left now, are rank submission or those prescribed by our founders.

The Tree of Liberty needs watering. Do you men crawl on your knees and kiss the hand of our self-appointed god-kings? Or do you step up to provide it's favored manure??


UPDATE I: Union Puke-Wads Stamping on Old Ladies.

Yeah. The finest America has to offer. Wake the fuck up people. The time for Parking lights and Nylon Cordage is nigh...


Still doubt these Press assholes are anything more than propaganda pieces yet?

NBC: "A tent set up by supporters of the measures also collapsed amid what authorities described as "pushing and shoving" among protesters. No one was hurt, police said."

No mention of the assaults captured on video tape? No mention that the tent was pulled and CUT down by a horde of union savages with knives? And who was "pushing and shoving?" And breaking Crowder's teeth? Nobody was hurt you say? I sure am glad we rely on the union PIGS to maintain order in our society.

When this war goes hot - and it will - a smart patriot will recollect news reporting like this when selecting his mission objectives. After all, prudence dictates that one should target all active combatants in a war. And not all active combatants "shoot" with guns.

UPDATE III: The Sucker-Punching Pussy has a face...

Sucker Punching Cunt-Rag

...how long till he has a name attached to his 398lb mug... I wonder if Intelius combined with Google Maps could be used to find this man (once his name is revealed), so he can be properly thanked for his contribution to public discourse?

Ain't technology swell! God Bless America!

Oh I see there is a sizable REWARD being offered for those interested in turning this chump in. I bet times are tough in Detroit after all the Union Cock-lickers squeezed every meaningful business there into oblivion. Pretty sure some poor bloke looking to make house payments could use the six-grand+ being offered to turn stool-pigeon.

So how about it. Plenty of fair-minded people want a name to match the face.

Update IV: And the goon's name is... Tony Camargo

Hat-Tip to Gateway-Pundit - Tony Camargo is the flatulent son-of-a-bitch who knocked loose Crowder's teeth. Thanks to this genious of criminal mastercraft wearing his NAME and UNION CHAPTER on his COAT, Tony Camargo, a member of IBEW local is 876, located Grand Rapids, MI., has been fingered. Rumor has it, for a low, low, low fee various search sites might enable an affectionate fan to locate his home.

Or so I've heard.

Update V: Crowder Challenges "Goo-Tub" to MMA fight.

Now that the human shit-wad has been uncovered, Crowder has issued a challenge to his assailant:

"I issued the ultimatum: jail, or fight me legally, one on one, with proceeds going to the union if he wins. Your move, goo-tub."
- Steven Crowder (@scrowder) December 12, 2012

Oh-boy, tough-call neck-beard! Which is it.... legal hell, or Thunderdome with with Steven? Oh, by the way... perhaps the next time you feel inclined to cold-cock someone in front of fifty video cameras, you should NOT pick the Brazilian jiu-jitsu and trained MMA fighter... you leftist union piles of shit should stick to cancer-ridden black men in wheel chairs.

Something tells me your BB-gun ass can't back up your buck-shot mouth "Tony."

Update VI: Union Goons Destroy Hot Dog Stand, Scream "Nigger" at owner.

Shithead Union Gestapo

What a classy group these union scrubs are eh? Apparently unhappy that Clint Tarver's hot dog stand had been hired to provide food in the AFP tent, they took it upon themselves to destroy his equipment, upend his tables, and then scream delightful terms-of-endearment like "Nigger" and "Uncle Tom" as he tried to salvage what little remained of his livelihood from amidst the kicking, screaming, howling animals.

Oh, but to quote the apologists on the left... like the ghouls on ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN... he had it coming... amirite?

From Clint's own lips:

"Three minutes later, they're next to me turning coffee urns over at another table," Tarver said on the show.

He went onto explain how he was urged by another to leave the tent, which he had to crawl out of because it collapsed. Tarver confirmed that he was targeted with racial slurs, including the "n-word" and people saying "you're on the wrong side."

"I said to them 'I'm here for a job. I'm not on this side, I'm not on that side. I'm here for a job.'" Tarver recounted. "And I just stood there and took it."

Your union maggots in action ladies and gentlemen. So fellow patriots... when they cut us, do we not bleed?

Update VII: Second Union Thug Identified - Chris Opalewski:

Chris Opalewski

Chris Opalewski is one of the thugs that stormed inside the AFP tent, upturned tables, and kicked an old lady. He also attempted to Drag Crowder into the crowd, where he likely would have been murdered by the rampaging horde of quasi-human detritus. He's also the pussy-mouth you hear in the video screaming:

"I'll kill a the motherfucker with a gun! I killed 20 motherfuckers with a gun!"

Big threats polack. From like looks of your bitch ass, I'd bet cash money Woody Allen would stuff a dollar bill up your nose and punch the change outta your mouth. You're about as pretty as my ex-neighbor's irritating cat was after I kicked it into a street-sweeper, and half as smart as a sack of doorknobs. Why don't you come try and kick some ladies and throw some sucker punches in these parts top-knot? We'll happily instruct you in the finer points of proper shot placement.

Ohhhh my my my... looks like Captain Fuck-choad's got himself a little facebook page: Nice Cross-dressing shit-fer-brains. You look like the dick-less bitch your mommy always wanted.

What a "fascinating" digital scrap book here. (In the same way one might find watching a retard discover they have opposable digits "fascinating"). Is it my imagination, or do you lack teeth there Que-ball? I wonder if they fell out from sucking too much cock, or from being such a pecker-less cunt?

Might we also add that, from the looks of - what appears to be your significant other - you might want to arc-weld your Kenmore shut. It's gotta be getting old covering her in flour to find the proper roll to fuck. Right?

But hey, even Orcas need some loving - good on you man, way to take one for the team. Selflessly hooking up with Shamu there so that the rest of us proper men with real penises can enjoy the pleasures of woman that don't look like they flopped loose from a tank at Sea World. Oh... wait... that 280lb troll is about all you could manage without chloroform and leg irons. Never mind.

Update VIII: Donations to Help Clint Tarver Rebuild His Destroyed Stand Exceed $20,000.00!

Simply amazing! If the rate of donations keeps up, the fellow will be able to buy himself a restaurant! Click the link above if you want to toss a few dollars to a man who was needlessly abused by these union creatures!

Perhaps these monsters assaulting Clint and destroying his equipment was the best thing that ever happened to the fellow? Talk about "works in mysterious ways..."