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Internecine Warfare

What kicked the following essay off was listening to a fellow chatter about a slap-fight he started with Matt Bracken, and, after some terse words, he was blocked on social media. I think back to the brawl that wrecked the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler's forums. I remember the feud between Vox Day and Z-man. I ruminate on Bill Quick getting into a scuffle with both Vox Day AND Z-man at the same time. I recall Sipsey Street and WRSA's fallout that lasted nearly up to Vanderboegh's death. All of this started the gears cranking.

One of the biggest challenges those of us on the dissident right face is that we're generally stubborn, proud, critical thinkers and free minded. So we're pretty spectacular at infighting. On the opposite side, the left's ferals just need a few tacky slogans and a flimsy pretense to cause bedlam and murder people.

I don't say this to cast blame on any one person or group. We've all been guilty of it at times, myself included. (I participated in several nasty dust-ups at the Rottweiler and Sara Hoyt's place - the former caused a lot of damage to Misha's community, and I regret taking part deeply).

Mostly, I've lurked in the background of dissident politics for the past twenty years, and it seems like we're our own biggest enemy. Reading a host of sites like the WRSA, Woodpile, Chateau, Vox Day, Sipsey Street, Z-blog, The Rottie, Cold Fury, Daily Pundit, etc, we of the right very often get into blood-fueds - and they turn really ugly and really petty.

Sure, the feds lurking in the background stirring sh*t don't help - but we've never needed much of a nudge to go at one another. I don't know how we'll overcome the issue to be honest - the things that make us enemies of the left and resistant to their message also make us quick to judge each other - and we commence fracturing into sub-groups.

The bed-time story pablum would be to spout some cuck-faced "let's all just play nice together" crap which pays no heed to how honorable men who run afoul one another's principles behave. Silly woman-think basically. Maybe the best we can hope for is that our shared hatred of the evil inflicted by the globalist swine is enough to enforce some manner of teeth-clenched cooperation among the various groups.

"Respect the rank, not the man," might just be the best we can hope for. I pray it's enough.

In hindsight, it's possible we won't be able to put aside our feuding until the left does something so horrible, so evil, so outrageous, that our shared anger outweighs our internecine struggles. I hope I'm wrong in this - not simply due to the butcher's bill on such a scenario - but because by that point, it might just be too late to stop the evil bastards.

Chateau Heartiste Adds:

"I see it myself on this board, and elsewhere. It's disheartening, and I try to avoid internecine spats because the big picture has always swayed me more than the ephemeral details of the small stuff, which won't matter when shit goes existential."

"Right-oriented people are prone to infighting because on the whole we're more judgmental than leftoids. We have higher standards, for ourselves and for others, but particularly for others we allow into our circle of trust. That's another difference: the leftoid is socially r-selected and scatters her loyalties widely and indiscriminately. The rightist is socially K-selected and takes care when choosing the size and composition of his wolf pack."

"This is a strength and a weakness, the former when unit cohesion is needed, the latter when coordination with other wolf packs is needed."