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These three gentlemen do quite a job of continuing each others thoughts, and maneuvering them to their rational, justifiable, and inevitable conclusion...

First we have TheCL at The Classical Liberal begins:

"I posit that the only people guilty of actually "hating America" today are those eagerly smearing the whistleblowers in a sad attempt to defend the Status Quo. It is they who are hostile to America's limited-government tradition."

"Today's federal government - the biggest, most expensive, most powerful State the world has ever known - is a corrupt and lawless institution. Regardless of the party in power, the Constitution is treated like something to wipe their ass with at best. They do nothing but lie - both Republican and Democratic politicians alike. Their legions of petty tyrant bureaucrats slither behind arbitrary decrees of regulation and secrecy. The Gang of 545 have made penny-pinching misers out of formerly spendthrift drunken sailors. There are no legitimate excuses for the mess they've made. Zip. Zero. Nada. And making excuses for them (regarding anything at this point) is just plain sad, pathetic and quite frankly, embarrassing to watch."

"Plain and simple. The federal government are the bad guys here. Not Snowden. Not Manning. Not Assange. The federal government are the bad guys. The entire institution doesn't have an ounce of credibility to stand on, let alone the kind of trust necessarily required of knowing anyone's intimate details. The chief traitors in our midst, those who deserve to be detained and tortured down at Guantanamo Bay, include the members of both the Bush Jr. and Obama regimes, the Congress, the CIA, the NSA, DHS, FBI, TSA, IRS, the rest of the federal alphabet soup, and soulless bureaucrats who do their bidding."

"They are the people who've betrayed every last principle of America's founding. Yet some "conservatives" actually believe they're benevolent angels worthy of monitoring our every move? Give me a break. These people don't give a rat's ass about you, me, or our freedom. In fact we're their primary enemy! So deal with it - The only "freedom" they're "fighting for" is Rousseau's boundless freedom of the State to do whatever the hell it damn well pleases."
- TheCL

Bill Quick of Daily Pundit absorbs and continues...

"Look, folks, I realize I'm backing myself into the sort of corner where it will become impossible for me to support almost all of the candidates of any of the major parties, but so what? It doesn't really matter who you vote for. Vote for Bush, get an attempt to shove scamnesty down your throat. Vote for Obama, get scamnesty shoved down your throat. Vote for Bush, get gigantic new entitlements, and one of the biggest spending increases in history, and a massive economic crash. Vote for Obama, and get gigantic new entitlements, the biggest spending increase in history, and the New American Depression. Vote for Bush, get a promise to sign an Assault Weapons Ban if congress sends it to him. Vote for Obama, get him sending a new Assault Weapons Ban to congress. Vote for Bush, get a vast new security state. Vote for Obama, get that security state on steroids."

"Come on."

"Liberty is going down the toilet, and clueless mouthbreathers are going nuts over how many dicks are in the wedding party, are blastulas the same as sixty year old grannies, and a host of other trivialities upon which to base the pretence that the parties are different in any significant way."

"When, In the Course of human events-."

"That's probably what it's going to take, and I don't know if the enervated American polity has such a course in it any more. But this mess is not going to be solved by voting for the Dems or the GOP based on how many gay men can dance on the head of a wedding pin."
- Bill Quick

Mike Hendrix at Cold Fury builds on the foundation:

"By George, I think he's got it. From his mouth to God's ears–or at least, to the ears of those few stout souls left in this benighted land who still give a damn about liberty, independence, and their own damned dignity. It's time to face facts here- and then, it's going to be time to figure out what we're going to do about it, and just how we're gonna do it. It's not going to be easy; the answers are by no means obvious. But at this moment, in this time, no one needs to blather to me any longer about the necessity of protecting this particular State, or of maintaining fealty or loyalty to it."
- Mike Hendrix

Allow us to throw a few faggots onto the bonfire...

The Government of the United States of America has, in the last several decades, surrendered any pretense of legitimacy through its abuses. The following is by no means an all-inclusive list:

- It has abdicated the consent of the people through manipulated elections, the lies of a state controlled press and ignorant voters created by a nationalized education complex.

- The government has betrayed the sacred trust of its populous, and turned its probing eyes, ears and swords upon them.

- It has squandered the treasure of its own coffers and then, through the Federal Reserve bank, wasted what treasure it allows the public to keep.

- The government has acted in bad faith with regards to laws, legislation and regulation, exempting itself from the burdens of the population, and criminalizing virtually every single citizen within its borders.

- It has stripped away all constitutional protections against its abuses, empowered itself where expressly forbidden, and exceeded the restrictions placed upon it by the founders of this nation.

- The government has abused its regulatory agencies and the power they wield to punish, threaten and materially damage those who challenge its authority.

- It has abandoned the Constitutional mandate to protect the Nation's borders, and acted to damage or hinder any States attempting to carry out its neglected responsibilities.

- The government has lied repeatedly to the people of its actions, intent and as to the nature of legislation and regulation it imposes - concocting implausible claims or spinning material lies to mislead the public trust whenever truth might prove counter-productive to its goals.

- It has stifled the free markets, individual entrepreneurship and freedom of economic choice through punitive, excessive and overly complex tax burdens - the enforcement of which is carried out maliciously and inequitably.

- The government has hindered, discouraged, rendered costly and made unbearable the free travel between the states through its regulatory and law enforcement agencies - while exempting itself from these burdens.

As such, the United States Federal Government has named itself the enemy of all free men the world over. It is therefore the moral duty and solemn obligation of all liberty loving souls to oppose, hinder its agents, materially harm and seek its downfall with every device at their disposal.

Such a conclusion can not be reached lightly - but as we cast our jaundiced eye to this unacceptable series of tyrannical overreaches, it has become patently obvious that nothing short the destruction of this cancer, (and all of its slithering tentacles), will save liberty from Leviathan's ravenous maw.

The United States Government, absent the moral authority and consent to govern its population, rules by nothing more than force of arms and the terror such force emanates. Such a regime patriots are obliged to oppose at any cost, be it treasure or their own precious blood.