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You Are the Targets Now

The past week has been the political equivalent of rats hurling themselves overboard as a capsized galleon plunges below the waves. The number of staffers and cabinet members standing with Trump is easier to count than the rodents skittering full tilt towards their fetid swamp - and one can do so with a single hand. To posit the man was shived by one-thousand poisoned daggers is to be charitable.

As we stand here, peering into the wreckage of Trump's undermined and usurped presidency, the Red-Hat Crowd now understands what those of us on the dissident right have been trying to say for the past four years. Washington D.C. is an unsalvageable morass of vipers and plague bearing vermin. And I'll let you folks in on a little secret - I'm an OPTIMIST. The rot and corruption is no doubt far worse than even my worst possible estimations.

In the final reckoning, it was literally Trump and his voters vs. the universe, with only his kids - as idiotic as they are - not deliberately trying to ruin him. (That's why he kept the Ivanka/Jared clown-car around - in spite their RUINOUS ADVICE. They were skull-f*cked jewish progs, but they were the only ones not INTENTIONALLY trying to knife him in the back).

Ponder how isolated he really was for a bit. Donald Trump stood against one of the world's most evil political machine with only the backing of his base. No globalist oligarchs. No mega-corps. No legions of fawning media goons. He had no armies of riotous brown-shirts or supplicant federal agencies...

...and he fought for all he was worth, in the face of his agenda being scuttled and demonized at every step. Yeah, he's a civ-natter and shot himself in the foot plenty - I make no apologies for his numerous errors and miscalculations.

That said, look at what surrounded the man - he kept trying...

...while Yertle-the-turtle stacked the courts with sh*t-libs...

...while the Republicucks threw away The House of Representatives intentionally...

...while every media organ on the globe savaged him...

...while his staff and VP betrayed him and leaked to the enemy media...

...while all of his appointments slow walked, dissembled, back-stabbed and didn't do a damn thing they were told...

...and now Trump is gone.

They will destroy him you know. Bleed him of his wealth, imprison and eventually murder him. Those who supported and voted for him have nobody but themselves now - and the progs are coming, with eyes blazing - and they mean to punish. No one with any clout, wealth and power is on the MAGA's side now:
- No radio-talkers.
- No pundits.
- No politicians.
- No big websites.
- No news channels.

Every lever of power is now being redied - weaponized to destroy Trump's people - and all of those they love.

Their avenues within the system to correct or seek redress have vanished. Taken. Stripped away. Voting? Free Speech? The Courts? All so much ash in the wind. Nullified - with resplendent glee by the evil people now running the FUSA. They're already rubbing folk's nose in their sh*t.

Now, as we stand on the precipice - the republic's end stretching before us like a canyon - heritage Americans - the MAGA folk - must learn to stop putting their faith in others. They must cease expecting mercenaries and politicains to fight on their behalf. These shysters will happily fleece Trump's faithful of their money - and then abandon them to the shrieking mobs.


I now speak personally and directly to Trump's followers: Have any of your "heroes" been willing to risk their political careers or iron rice-bowls to fight on your behalf? Did they even speak up for you when the left began calling you terrorists, insurgents and seditionists? Did they lift a finger to defend you in any way?

To ask is to answer.

When the cards were down, every person you trust betrayed you. Did Mark Levin and Dan Bongino tell Cumulus to "piss off" when threatened with termination? How about all those Republicans you drug yourself over broken glass to vote for? Those "rock-ribbed defenders of liberty" who've now disavowed you almost to the man - and those which haven are merely kabuki-dancing for the rubes back home. (Squeesing the last few drops of blood from the stone... before discarding it).

Understand: You are now shut out of the system. Forever.

It's time to either revolt or sink to your belly and commence lick-shining leftist boots. The magnitude and totality of your rebellion I leave up to each individual. But the clock ticks, the days melt into darkness, and your enemy grows bolder and more monstrous by the hour.

Live free or die.

Live Free or Die