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The Horrors They Served

Below the vow of bloodline death to our tribal enemies, is the most important article regarding the clot-shot you will read up until we start burning the people responsible on pyres. (After interminable hours of the most grotesque torture our fertile minds can concoct).

Your deaths will make God himself look away in their awfulness.

Know This, You Evil, Kvetching Monsters:

I swear that I will one day hear the shrieks of the people complicit and responsible for this abomination. I will listen to them beg, and I will witness the only reply being even greater agony, inflicted with a relish born of righteous wrath.

All of them. The Doctors. The Researchers. The Media. The Politicians. The Janitors and even the Secretaries. There must be a lake of their fucking blood, lanced out, drop by drop, as they howl. And watch... they all have to watch those before - so they know what's coming. They need to Goddamned see their co-workers and friends methodically flayed to pieces.

And their immediate families are to be stripped of their worldly possessions and exiled to Sub-Saharan Africa, where the indigenous creatures will give them the reception they deserve.

They ruined countless lives, destroyed inestimable fortunes. They took our dearest and most vulnerable - so must they too must surrender these things. They must know the pain and emptiness of the soul before and while their flesh is ruined. They must know their genetic line ENDS with themselves.

And all would-be tyrants who follow afterwards... will look at the atrocity we've crafted with flesh and cower in fear, never daring to contemplate such a horror again.

I will see this day. I swear it. The scales must be balanced. Do not doubt for one second the magnitude of death necessary to render your dessert. Or our terrible resolve to partake in it.


Fagcine Injection Post-Mortem:

"Thought I would break this one up into four separate subsections. We're going to cover the aftermath of my OAS (original antigenic sin) and ADE (antibody dependent enhancement) effortpoasts, which I will screenshot and link at the bottom. As I've previously said, I will be unpinning them on the 2 year anniversary, so cap and save as you like. The remainder of this poast will cover the immediate adverse effects of the experimental mRNA gene therapy (aka the 'fagcine') and the potential long term effects."

"Let's go."


"1): OAS (original antigenic sin): We nailed this one cold. If you understand basic immunology or virology it should have been obvious that generating hyper-immunity to a single epitope (the 'spike protein') of a Coronaviridae family member would place immense selection pressure to mutate, and this is exactly what happened. The fagcines lost efficacy in a matter of months if not weeks and were reduced to zero (actually, negative, but we'll get into that) efficacy by the time the first wave of Chinkflu variants rolled around. Unfortunately the OAS effect lead to the fagcinated being locked into a useless antibody response against the variants, which lead to repeated re-infections, which lead to . . ."


"2): ADE (antibody dependent enhancement): We were very fortunately incorrect on the mechanism and presentation this would take. Our hypothesis was that there would be a chronic replicating effect in fagcinated individuals leading to exponentially increasing viral loads and eventual progression to sepsis and multi-system organ failure. Instead, what happened is that the fagcinated and repeatedly boosted underwent an immunoglobulin shift where they moved to "tolerating" the spike protein and suffering repeated Chinkflu infections. However, at the same time the virus began shifting to a far less-lethal form, and one which primarily attacked the upper respiratory system ("head cold") rather than the initial strain which caused lower respiratory tract damage. This is a very common pattern seen in Coronaviridae."

"Thus, the fagcinated/boosted did do worse than purebloods when re-infected, but only the sickest and already immunocompromised died. So it was a wash, no worse than a year with a very nasty strain of influenza."


"3): Immediate adverse effects of the fagcine were primarily cardiac (myocarditis), neurologic autoimmune attacks (with a predilection for the cranial nerves, so Bell's palsy and vertigo) and thrombogenic (cerebral venous sinus thrombosis and pulmonary emboli). The young and healthy who have "died suddenly" have been mostly killed by fagcine-induced myocarditis causing cardiac arrhythmias. This is a medical crime worse than anything previously documented in human history and everyone complicit deserves public execution. We are not being hyperbolic about this. Knowingly killing children and young adults in the prime of their lives with an experimental mRNA therapy (which does not even prevent transmission) for a virus with a 99.998% survival rate in their age group is the very definition of medical malpractice."

"We will repeat: if you are a medical professional who endorsed or administered the fagcine you deserve to die very badly and not a day goes by where we do not entertain a fantasy of what we could do to your face and hands given 20 minutes alone with you in a soundproofed room with Bovie electrocautery and a no. 11 blade. Sleep tight. We will find you."


"4): Long term adverse effects: primarily carcinogenic and fertility impairing. The immune system plays a key role in detecting and destroying aberrant cells before they replicate and reach critical neoplastic mass. When you cause an immunoglobulin/interferon shift focused on spike protein antibody production (this is what the fagcines do) it causes a downregulation effect for other critical immune functions and this is why you are seeing reports of fagcinated individuals experiencing either a recurrence of known cancer or rapid development of a de novo one. Aggressive hematologic cancers (lymphoma) seem to be particularly prevalent in the fagcinated, which makes sense given the T-cell shift."

"Miscarriages seem to have been significantly increased in pregnant women who received the fagcine. Our personal theory is that the thrombogenic effect causes placental impairment or disruption. We do not know if this will be permanent; fertility curves will need to be followed in highly fagcinated countries for 3-5 years. Small whitepill: throughout human history, life tends to "find a way".


"Below are three good references, use them to go down the rabbit hole:"

(Good review article on the Ig shift that the fagcines cause).

(Review of neurological side effects of the fagcines).

(The smoking gun that shows a direct pathologic link between fagcination and myocarditis).

- Trevor Goodchild, Executor of the Breen Imperial Republic

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