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2020 Just Keeps Shittin' in our Mouths

"War to the Knife" - mortal combat; a conflict carried to the last extremity.
- Webster, 1913 edition

What a year.

The Cucks are suddenly running scared - the rubes they've been working all these years are roused, pissed off and looking for the nearest pitchfork. And I don't mean that metaphorically. ALL OF THE GUNS sold out over Thanksgiving weekend.


Our "betters" should have taken them before they started blatantly nullifying elections. Pride and arrogance has done in our owners, like so many tyrants before. They mistook "negotiation, forbearance and appeasement," for "surrender."

What these Cloud Dwelling Nimrods, fail to understand is this sudden swelling of anger has little to do with Trump specifically - and everything to do with the ARROGANCE our civic masters.

Donald Trump was never anything but a symptom of an amok government and a deadly warning to our elite. He was Joe-Six-Pack NICELY telling Mordor's brain-trust to back the F*CK OFF. The message was ignored, mocked and then followed by a host of deliberate provocations and indignities.

Well, congratulations - "nice" just stormed out the door with his AR and a serious attitude problem. "Nice" ain't entirely sure what to ventilate first, but that's O.K., because "nice" bought several billion rounds of .223 in over the last few years.

The Proles have simmered for a decade, enduring these self-aggrandizing PRICKS in the media, education and D.C. The staggering in-your-face THEFT of this election, followed by a sneer and the promise of further indignities down the road was one smarmy gloat too many.

Millions are killing mad after this. Folks who just wanted to work, raise kids and enjoy life now have fingers hovering over Larry Correia's "switch." The "smartest people in the room," (Read: dumb mother-fckers)*, just backed fly-over-land into a corner, snarled, and told them they'll never be allowed to vote ever again. They then started doing doughnuts in our flowerbed while prepping Tranny-Story-Hour 2.0 at the local Church's pre-school.

Fuck these people. All of them. They thirst for death, and at this rate, they'll get it. And they'll deserve it. Stop taking their shit. Stop being nice. The proper response to these evil bastards is the report of a rifle. They were warned and warned and warned and warned and warned and they walked up to our line - a line we drew with pleading eyes - and pissed on it.

Everything that happens from this point forward is on them.


No mercy. No quarter. Hard hearts. To paraphrase the great Ol'Remus - "our grand-children will have the prosperity and leisure time to feel bad about what comes next."

We won't.

"War to the knife and knife to the hilt."
- Atchison Squatter Sovereign

War to the knife