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So We are Supposed to Get Bent-out-of-shape Over 48 Billion...

If one listens to the talking heads on the left and right, (and trust us - we don't), we Americans are all supposed to be righteously indignant over the impending DOOM that is Sequestration. The Neo-con chicken-hawks are clucking and squawking about how the "eeeeevil-terrorists" will be overrunning the Canadian border and fornicating with our wives and daughters should this budget cut happen. Over in Cloud-Cuckoo-land, the Moonbats are squealing about how the children-elderly-disabled-black-gays-lesbians-insert-racial-minority-here will all be starved in the streets should these intolerable cuts happen.

Why? Cause... children... or some such shit.

For those of us here in real-ville, who understand advanced concepts like third grade mathematics, this entire debacle is a big fat fucking nothing-burger. It's the political equivalent of a J.J. Abrams monster movie - hyped up to eleven, yet unfulfilling and ultimately devoid of meaningful content.

Let's face it - Sequestration is nothing more than a political stunt. These jagg-offs are pissing and moaning over forty-eight billion dollars, while blowing through three TRILLION a year. For fucks-sake, these clownish assholes just toasted forty-five billion on supposed "hurricane Sandy" relief, and then, (with a strait face), expect us to get worked up over forty-eight spread over the entirety of the Federal Leviathan?? This is absolutely nothing more than poli-theater for the EXTREMELY STUPID in the right and left wing. (It also makes us think there are entirely not enough politicians dancing at the ends of ropes, but that's just us).

To be blunt, we could not be happier to see:

A: The military that will be used to kill and enslave us and... B: Useless social spending...
...both getting their overgrown, outlandishly horsesh*t budgets getting cut, even though these cuts are so insignificant as to be near meaningless.

Because we here at Deth H.Q. are helpers, we shall provide the following pseudo-info-graphic for the "low-information-crowd:"


For those of you who need further explanation, this entire pile of shit is a sick joke, the sequestration cuts are a Goddamned ROUNDING ERROR, and we as a nation are fiscally f*cking doomed.

But we should all be upset or something cause 800 pentagon leeches will loose one day of work a week, or because head-start, (a useless, glorified daycare program for inner city bourgeoisie leftists), will get less money for it's breakfast program. Boo-f*cking-hoo. We shall cry ourselves a river, gnaw an oar from the tree of woe, and then paddle ourselves off into oblivion over this un-be-fucking-lievably terrible news.

As Glenn Reynolds is fond of saying: Tar. Feathers.