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Just a Quick Note on Where the PIGS Stand...

This one's to all of you retard "go-rah-rah-rah-the-boys-in-blue-got-our-backs" shitheads mulling around Cluelessville:

Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit has been calling attention to the state sponsored SWAT raids in Wisconsin - attacks that were in no way provoked by illegal activity… or even the suspicion there-of. Crime-less home invasions which were nothing more than premeditated attempts to revenge support and chill funding for Governor Scott Walker.

Please take careful note of two things being missed by everybody covering this:

1: There is absolutely zero meaningful distinction between these assaults and the sort carried out by the Nazis when they were first rising to power. This is not "sort of how it started." This is not "somewhat reminiscent." This is "step-for-fucking-step" exactly how this Goddamned shit went down in the 1930s.

2: The Para-military-wannabe-pigs, with their skinhead "Aryan-power" trims, were more than eager to do as instructed - Constitutionality, laws, and basic human decency be damned. When the order came to trample serfs, the Cops were quite happy to kick in doors and terrorize the absolute shit out of completely innocent people. In fact, based on the eyewitness accounts, the police took no small amount of glee in the pain and trauma they were inflicting:

"In Wisconsin, citizens had cops bust into their homes with battering rams. Property was taken from their homes, in full view of the neighbors - and in some cases officers mocked them. Then the citizens were told that they could tell nobody about what had happened. If they did, they could go to jail."
- Patterico

The truth is, the Police are the praetorian guard of the Gentry caste. When they are directed to put the serfs in line, they will do as their masters bid. They won't question orders, and most, like good little attack dogs, will quite relish the grief they dispense.

Do not forget this lesson. Ever. Do not rely on the cops to protect liberty or rights. Do not call the pigs to protect life and property. Do not report crimes to hogs, they exist to enforce the edicts of those granting their marrow, not to suffer the petty grievances of proles. Never involve yourself with these soulless assholes under any circumstances - to do so is to court ruin and potentially bring death into your household.

The police are the mortal enemy of free-thinking people, who of their own volition serve the enemies of liberty-loving-patriots. The only distinction between cops and any other street-gang is that the average hood-rat just might see jail time for callously murdering children. Expect no such accountability for the police-state's enforcers.

May the goons, their dearest and their masters get every single thing the have have earned in life.

Update I: The Patriots Sound Off.

Some folks are noticing all the implications of this thuggery:

Creeping Totalitarianism Report - Francis Porretto

"A number of the bloggers who entered the fray around the time I did have gone silent or near to it. Consider Mike Hendrix and Emperor Misha, two old favorites of the DextroSphere. Several others have gotten by mostly on reposts. I miss their regular emissions, but I can understand the trend. We're tired. We're getting old. And we've been repeating ourselves rather a lot. That's what happens when outrage follows outrage with neither redress nor remorse. We're still angry, but we're beginning to feel that there's little point to continuing on. And we dislike to think we're huddled in an otherwise empty room, with no one listening to us but one another."
- Francis Porretto

Read his entire article HERE.

This Isn't Going to End Well - Emperor Misha

"A people's quiescence is only assured for as long as they have faith in justice being done. When that faith is removed, they will seek their own justice. And they will find it. Just ask any tyranny in the world. Ask the Soviet Union. They had 70+ years of practice in how to hone the iron fist and had gotten quite good at it. Except you can't, can you? They're not around any more."
- Emperor Misha

Read it all HERE.