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2012 Election Post Mortum

Well, here we are.

The ballots are counted, the war has ended, and now it is time for the wailing and gnashing of teeth. Not by me of course. By the Karl Rove's, the Peggy Noonan's and the Jennifer Rubin's - the useless human garbage gentry-class shit-weasels that can't fathom why their mush Willard crashed and burned.

Just watch now, as these cretins double down on their abject stupidity. You see, these cloistered academics will proclaim that Rombot was simply not "moderate" enough. That he somehow didn't give hand-jobs to enough Illegal Mexicans. That he was just too aggressive/not aggressive enough in pursuing the topic of people's "lady parts." They will shriek that by the final tally, Romney just wasn't enough of a socialist - despite him standing to the left of John Kerry in terms of his entire on-record political career.

(This was the beauty of Rombot's destruction folks - he died by his own sword. The media painted this worthless lefty Romney as the second coming of Archie Bunker - other than being demonstrably false, such a slandering is poetic in the extreme. You see, this is exactly the tactic he employed to destroy his opponents in the primary. For him to be misrepresented as something he's not, is just too perfect for words. Oh... savor the delicious deserts. Drink deep Willard, for tis your own cup you've been served.)

Did I ever mention how much I absolutely love watching hapless idiots draw exactly the wrong conclusion? No? Well then, consider yourself enlightened. To quote Kipling...

There are only four things certain since Social Progress began,
That the Dog returns to his Vomit and the Sow returns to her Mire,
And the burnt Fool's bandaged finger goes wabbling back to the Fire;

Watch the Neo-cons double down on their stupidity, in a full on panic.

Without realizing it the Republican party continues down the path of their predecessors - the Whigs. Good. Let them burn in hell for their part in this two puppet play. Look at the numbers. 3,000,000 less people voted for Willard than showed up for McShitburger in 2008. That right there folks, would have carried the election. And who where these people that sat at home instead of showing up to vote? Women? Independents? Mexicans? No. According to the polling breakdowns, Mittens Romneycare lost three millions white male middle-class conservatives. He lost his God-damned base.

All so unexpectedly of course! When Karl Rove EPICALLY freaked out Tuesday night, his tantrum was not a result of King Barry Hussein WINNING - it was over the realization that the assholes on the Republican party played chicken with the Tea Party - and lost. The impotent rage as he howled at interns bringing him data was "The Architect" figuring out in no uncertain terms that his party is going to join the Whigs - they squandered the last of their capital, and pissed away their base. Understand this - the Bohenor's of the Republican party were certain they had the ultimate gun to the heads of those embarrassing red-necks in fly-over land. Barry Hussein was such a failure, such a flip-flopper, such a disaster, that the gentry-class in D.C. had the leverage to force their golden-child on those annoying hill-billies. They were positive the same people who fought a religious war against Obamacare would drag themselves over broken glass to vote for the man who instituted it in Massachusetts. These patio-party-politicos were convinced that their base would fall into line once more, and choose the lesser of two evils - if for no other reason than for their own benefit.

I have to admit, I myself was even wrong on this notion. I was absolutely positive that the Tea-Party patriots would surrender all of their principles, and rubber stamp the RePubic's crap-burger. But, in hindsight, I suppose I should not have been. Why? Well... there is this funny thing about playing chicken with a guy waving around a Gadsden flag and dressed up as George Washington... while there is certainly a laundry list of concerns on this fellow's mind... the phrase "self preservation" is not amongst them. The failure of the effete D.C. republicans to realize this was their undoing. Instead of flinching, the "hicks" sneered, stepped on the accelerator, and plowed head-on through the RePubic's presidential dreams.

Their salty tears and shattered hopes are delicious at this point, even though it means that King Barry Hussein Soetoro has managed to yet again hold into his throne.

The Republicans will exacerbate their failure by taking precisely the wrong lesson from it. Watch as they attempt the construction of "a bigger tent." They will compromise even more of their positions, surrender further principles, and try to re-brand themselves as "Neo-con-lite." "With 50% more Compassion!" Why even as I speak, the morons are talking about amnesty for a group of people that will NEVER vote for them. They won't be rewarded - they will be kicked in the balls by the very illegals they've allowed in. These capitulations will naturally widen the fractures formed between the "party leaders" and their conservative base, setting the stage for a replay of the Whig's demise, and possibly a Civil War down the road some. The actions these RePubics take to "save" themselves will hasten their death - and good riddance to bad rubbish.

But the Neo-Cons are not alone in drawing the wrong conclusions from Tuesday.

The barking Moonbats have lied to themselves too - convinced of their "mandate," these fools have now hammered the gas-pedal on all of their intolerable nanny-state, bothersome, Keynesian, centrally planned horseshit. Just like their "opposition," the commies have sold themselves on a lie, and are reacting in exactly the worst possible way to it. Don't forget - the DemoRat turn-out was a disaster too - when compared to the last several elections. Turn-out down by 10,000,000 from 2008. The luster is off the apple, and were it not for "the party of stupid" cannibalizing it's own staunchest supporters, King Barry would be the one giving a petulant concession speech. Don't be too quick to forget - Barack Hussein Obama broke nearly every promise he made, and those he kept turned into hand-outs for the pig-bankers, mega-corps, and special-interests with their hands up his muppet asshole. Rest assured, I took no small pleasure in seeing a Goldman Sachs banker tool using Sesame Street characters to try and defend his epic portfolio of failures. Oh yeah, Big Bird loves president Drone-kill. President NDAA. President Peace-Prize. President DowngrAAAde. President Warrantless Wiretapping. President TSA Rapists.

This will be the opportunity for the Pinkos to go for the prize - to solidify and entrench their welfare state. They believe they sold the lie that our failing economy was "Bush's fault." But the only people they have deceived are themselves and the stupid carnival barkers they consider their base. The Free Shit Army. The dipshits that look at the government, and say "SANTA!!!! Wut jah got fer meh bro? The "adults" on the room know better. The "adults" understand that America's economic woes are a century in the making, and the nanny-state is going to come crashing down under it's own weight sooner or later. The adults understand that when the "Free Shit Army" looses it's "free shit," (again, due to that simple Bitch Math), some of the first fuckers getting strung up will be the charlatans and crooks that robbed Peter penniless to pay Shaniqa.

The lesson the democrats SHOULD have walked away with is when you promise to change the tone of Washington D.C. you should probably not act exactly like a black-face version of your hated predecessor. But no, that would be fucking entirely too rational for the bleeding heart nitwitts and KOS kiddies. These simpering morons think they have the keys to the whore-house now, and it's time to go spending and tax crazy - and to insert some toe-headed little government piss-ant in-between us and as much of our liberty as they can manage. For our own fucking good of course.

Nope - no tears from me - we in America are going to get absolutely every last thing we deserve - and we are going to get it good and hard. And I for one can't wait for the Gods of the Copybook Headings to "unexpectedly" make their return! Make no mistake - our comeuppance comes regardless of who gets to be the carnival barker to this four billion dollar freak show. I operate under no illusionary bullshit - such as the skittle-shitting-unicorn-born notion that a vote for some political quack is going to magically fix one-hundred-plus years of disastrous economic policy. Neither of the wastrels seeking the crown could stave off the flock of approaching black swans, and I shall sit back and savor the angst ridden cries as the "chocolate messiah" fails at the impossible task that has been handed him by his pack of gibbering, yapping, sub-human troglodytes.

Over the next several years, the United States currency, banking system, economy, and "welfare" net are going to detonate - and there is piss-all anyone can do about it. Period. I make no apologies to those retards with Willard Romneycare or Barry Hussein Soetoro's dick in their mouths. Rest assured - no matter how hard you tools suck, math is a cold hard bitch, and she does not give two shits about the platitudes of temporary politicians.

And what does "math say?" She says that no nation can afford to service north of Sixteen Trillion dollars in debt on top of over ONE HUNDRED TRILLION DOLLARS IN LIABILITIES. Nobody. We will default, or we will print. There is no option "C." The result of either will be predictable - See Rome. Or the Ottoman Empire. Or 1930's Germany. And I can't wait for it - the destruction of this nation is so very richly deserved - not to mention inevitable - and I have no alternative but to sit back, and laugh - for there is no other sane response to the madness.

The end shall be unexpected of course... nobody could have possibly seen our impending collapse coming.