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A Tall Order

I was called a conspiracy theorist last year for suggesting that this was our fate in 2021. And here it is, from the horse's mouth - all freedoms and liberties are being tied to taking the Corona jab. When I said this was going to happen last year I was told people wouldn't go along with it, when he says it this year people just shrug and go along with it. The compliance and cowardice of the Irish is just shocking.
- Dave Cullen

It's not just Ireland populated by an ocean of yellow-gutted pussies. A perusal of my surroundings, and I see only myself wandering around absent a face diaper. The situation is surreal - and parallels to late 1970's dystopian science fiction are warranted.

The chicken-sh*ttery permeates the very air - it's pervasive - and almost nobody has the balls to stand against the encroaching tyranny. It's an incredible thing to watch how cowardly and supplicant western civilization has become - and just in my short lifetime. Tossing away the muzzle... this little thing... this tiny act of defiance... is too much for most of our risk averse, cowed, sheepfarm-nation.

I don't know whether to blame the abysmally cucked state of American protestant churches - preaching the whore of Babylon's gospel weekly - or a generation of men never taught what is is to be a man. Or perhaps a million other small acts of destruction that picked away at our fortitude and character.

Whatever's to blame, it has lead to the rot of our entire civilization. And our children will bear the brunt of the suffering - we can rest assured of that.

Even worse... the decay is so prevalent now that I don't even know who to kill that would fix anything. The morlock ruiners are interchangeable, from the lowest pink-hair to the highest ranking wreckers in all the land. It's the institutions themselves that are our enemy now - all of them. Every corporation, foundation, industry and government entity has turned into a wretched instrument of indignity and depravity. I see no clear alternative to toppling every last brick, and then starting anew.

That's one hell of a tall order. Even for great men. Even for strong men of vision, virtue and resolve.

I often wonder: "Do we have enough people left up to the sort of pain and sacrifice such a project entails?"

Then I stop pondering such things... because the likely answer is disheartening.

Dark Spring

Watch now as the frigid, Dark Winter gives way to a joyless Black Spring - where the only bliss is ignorance, and the only freedom that meted out to slaves.

I hate the monsters responsible for this. I hate them to the roots of my teeth, to the marrow of my bones... to the foundation of my soul. I wish every suffering and human indignity upon them. If God will not grant us release from his judgment - and make no mistake - we are a people judged - then I can only pray he will give us the cold comfort of revenge.