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Well WE'LL Say it Then Damnit..

LC IB CiSSnarl5.7 over at The Anti-idiotarian Rottweiler noticed the death of that horrible crone Sara Brady over the past weekend. In response he posted:

"It's hard to comment on something of this nature. The old adage of not speaking ill of the dead, among others comes to bear."
- LC IB CiSSnarl5.7

That's very polite of you. Well sir, fear not - WE will happily shit in the mouth of her still steaming corpse - and sleep like little baby bunnies nestled in a haybale after the deed.

You see, we're the sort who:

A: Carry a grudge.

B: Are unwilling let a little thing like "dying" stop us from giving our candid opinion of a freedom hating fucking Nazi that spent the lion's share of her useless, miserable, harpy-like existence trying to suck away our liberty like the good God-damned hell spawned vampire she was.

So fuck you Sarah Brady. Fuck you now, fuck you in the past and fuck you forever. Fuck your life's work. Fuck your offspring, fuck your dead rolling bag of horse-shit husband and most especially, fuck your crusade again - for the spite of it. You were a hideous gargoyle - and then you aged, withered like a spoiled fruit, and became TRULY horrible to behold. You were the Helen Thomas of Prog-tard weapons confiscation.

We hope you died knowing that your life's work has failed - we will never comply with your totalitarian dreams of citizen disarmament. Firearm ownership is at levels never seen before. Your cause has only served to ignite the nation into a weapons buying frenzy the likes of which not witnessed since the 1850′s. Hundreds of millions of guns sold - all thanks to you and your like minded, jack-boot wearing stormtroopers. Congratulations on destroying everything you vainly pined for you Hitleresque old shrew - raggedy old Moonbats like you put the "UNT" in Cunt.

Speaking of your death, it is our hope that it was unspeakably horrible - may it have been filled with hours of agony, terror and sadness. It is additionally our sincerest wish that you suffered every indignity and humiliation under the rainbow as you rotted away in that hospital - perforated with tubes, plugged into enough machines to mortify Anakin Skywalker and wallowing in a puddle of your own feces.

Good riddance to a bad, bad, BAD sack of trash - our Constitution sincerely thanks you for dying you execrable shrewbag - as do we. Croaking was the one solitary decent thing you ever did in the whole of your pathetic life.

You're not even worth tracking down to piss on your tombstone.

Roast well you awful harridan.

"I am sick and tired of people getting all mealy-mouthed about horrible people just because they had the decency to drop dead - although in most cases, not nearly soon enough."
- Bill Quick