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The Time for Revolution is Now

We were perusing the soon-to-be-gelded interwebs when this post came to our attention:

Ladies and Gentlemen:

We have the government seizing control of the means of communication used by those not in the government [Internet], combined with powers to control or ban content on radio and television.

We have the government banning ammunition used by the majority of the populace with military experience, roughly equivalent to George III banning the .75 caliber balls used in the then absurdly common Brown Bess.

The White House claims the right, unopposed, to create and modify their own statutes administratively and to modify, or cancel laws passed by Congress at will.

The White House claims the right to, and does, spend money outside the purview of Congress and the terms of the Constitution with no appropriation or authorization. This is the reason that triggered the English Civil War, and why Charles I was beheaded. Latest example, the Treasury just admitted that they spent $3 billion on Obamacare with no authorization.

Executive Branch officials are routinely refusing to testify before Congress, and routinely refusing to produce documents under subpoena. There are no consequences to such refusals.

With the votes of Institutional Republicans, Loretta Lynch was passed out of the Senate Judiciary Committee to be the new Attorney General despite testifying in support of the right of a Democrat president to rule by decree outside the Constitution.

I offer to the Gentle Readers the concept of "Strategic Warning" - a warning that an enemy intends war or is preparing for war. If anyone has any number of contingency plans for actions in the event that the Organic Waste should impact the rotating airfoil; now is the time to make lists and check them twice.

At least we won't have to worry about GOTV next year.
- Subotai Bahadur

The patriot Subotai is dead on the money. Consider the evidence of enemy action thus far:

- The federal government is replacing the American voters with invaders.
- The executive branch has been materially in contempt of federal court for years.
- The federal government has commenced banning rifle cartridges.
- The regulatory state has transformed into an unaccountable, all powerful entity.
- The government has seized control of the only free information source.
- The executive branch has just co-opted the power of the purse from the legislative.
- The legislative branch has willfully and deliberately surrendered it's authority.
- The federal government has seized control of the health care industry.
- The regulatory state has been weaponized to crush peaceful challenges to authority.
- The federal government has turned a massive spy apparatus upon the citizenry.
- The executive branch refuses to curb it's abuses of power and criminal excesses.
- State sovereignty has been obliterated.
- The regulatory state has been fully captured by those it was to govern.
- The judicial branch has been stacked with rubber stamping ideologues.
- Unalienable rights under natural law have been materially breached.

This list is by no means complete - for such is the train of usurpations that a compilation of our grievances aired in full would occupy the better part of an Oxford Dictionary. Regardless, you, our casual readers, should be groking the general damned point. The government means to have their utopia of skulls, and by God they mean for it to be theirs now.

Every possible peaceful avenue of redress has failed us. All attempts at civility met with spittle and derision. Each "compromise" answered only with churlish demands for "more." The Rubicon has at last been crossed fellow patriots. No more compliance. No more acceptance. No more of our money and no more of our liberty. If they want our precious possessions now, they'll have to earn them - at cost.

The government's fools have finally rendered the law dead, just as they have rendered this nation dead. The old rules that bound us are now so much vapor and soot - so it has been openly decreed by our putative masters. But in casting off their - and our - obligations to law, they willingly and knowing surrender the protection it once afforded them. They no longer have license, they now lack mandate, and we no longer owe them fealty. The body of tyrants that was once our government is now entitled to only what treasure they can seize, what obedience they can force and what respect they can coerce with lash and blade.

Patriots... the moment for speech is finished. The time for defiance is now. Give the sons of bitches nothing more than what they can rip from your grasp - and in the name of everything just about "America-that-was," make that transaction as dear as humanly possible.

Defy their will, deny them their weregild, seek out the like-minded and convert those sympathetic - and do so understanding that what was once your government means to make war upon you and your kin for having the temerity to oppose their iron fist.

Update I: We Like the Cut of this Man's Jib...

SteveF over at Daily Pundit seems to have beat us to the punch by a few years.

"The US federal government has no legitimacy."
"The US federal government now operates only by chicanery and naked force."
"Given this, what is the moral obligation of the citizenry to support the US federal government?"
"None whatsoever."
- SteveF

Read it all HERE.

We can't find a single fault in logic like that. Nor would we even attempt to.