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An Example...

Remember what we said about harp seals who'd gleefully clap to the drumbeats of their own destruction a few months back? Well, there ya go!

"Its totally fair for the government to take a percentage of deposits over the insurance limit in order maintain bank solvency."
- Ghoest9, Willing Quisling, Happy Serf, Puerile Boot-licker

This was fished from a forum we don't like to drive traffic towards, with regards to the fleecing of Cyprus by their government - and the Banksters puling their marionette strings. As you can see, there shall forever be willing slave-dogs - content to apathetically rest in their chains, passively licking the hand clutching them.

So when does this end? Ahh the billion Euro question.

We are not going to mince words here, nor be particularly nice, (We're in a foul mood), - this dog-shit won't stop until people in general figure out the best way to deal with tyrants - and their enablers - is to kill them.

Till VIPs and their pet quislings start having continuity of existence issues, the people's "voice" has zero value. Care to argue?

Ok - fine - let's argue...

Take religion. Jews don't generally blow up buildings when they get made fun of. (God knows that the average Jerry Seinfeld bit would be enough to kick-off Jerico II: Electric Boogaloo if such were the case). Muslims on the other hand... whoooooa-boy... they have this tendency to explode skyscrapers full of cute little banker muppets, or topple their local government when they get pissed off.

Now then - Which religion of these two, is denounced and lampooned constantly, (by even it's practitioners), and which religion has the world-wide media self-censoring and governments pissing themselves in terror at the thought of accidentally offending it? (Even the Feme-Prog-Nazis won't yap about it's treatment of women).

Here's a hint - a Mel Brooks skit never caused an industrialized nation to collapse. Some fuck-off Pastor in Florida threatening to toast a Koran on the other hand...

Point of the matter is this: The ones willing to support their convictions with violence have a voice. The rest do not. If a society or organization is unwilling to back-stop it's convictions with mayhem, then it will be run over by the power elite, media, and government until they are stripped of everything - including their dignity. Those three incestuous groups only understand two things: Pain response and fear. Any other reaction beyond violence to their encroachments is perceived as weakness to be exploited.

The founders turned all their considerable intellectual might towards creating a system that enabled people to have a voice without resorting to violence. They were brilliant - and it worked - for a little while. But, as with all man's constructs, it was twisted, eroded, and corrupted - it's internal protections dismantled one at a time - until we have returned to a state of nature. The veneer of civilization must be thrown to the wayside for any group to have true, considered representation in the U.S.A.

Hard cold truth.

Welcome to the human race motherfuckers. Been this way forever, and it will be this way until we kill ourselves off for good. People in Syria have it figured out. People in Greece and Cyprus are getting it fast. People will here too eventually, but only after they've been robbed of every plug-nickel they own, and every last shred of freedom.

Death to tyrants.
And their pets.

Update I: Speaking of Tyranny...

Hat tip to Bill Quick at Daily Pundit, we have an example of what happens to people who try to peacefully uphold their beliefs - they will be run over, marginalized, and eventually, killed off themselves - either directly, or simply denied medical coverage...

The law of the jungle has never changed folks. It just got better P.R. It's still kill or be killed. People sat by all peaceable and ate the Obamacare shit-sandwhich. The message that sent was "take MORE." What backlash there was, on the web, at the voting booth didn't frighten our overlords - It made them braver. They won. And none of them even had to die to enslave us just a bit more.

These fuckers won't stop until stopped. Figure that out folks, or be dinner.