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Rottweiler Empire: Stand and Fight!

Whenever LC HempRopeAndStreetlight over at the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler says something, it tends to be a mini-novel of fire-breathing righteousness. Over the weekend, his latest diatribe was no exception:

"Here be my opinion, based on a lifetime wasted trying to "fix the system from within - and failing:"

There is no political solution to any of this. The system itself, the bureaucratic machine, unaccountable in any election, is the real enemy. Not Juggears, not McWeenie, not the sycophantic dick-suckers in the media. They are symptoms of the disease. This labyrinthine "system" is the true plague, and it has been crafted to operate and push the statist agenda regardless of which temporary political muppet stands as the figurehead.

No, Emperor Dog-Eater didn't tell the IRS to go after the Tea Party. The IRS is a federal appendage attacking threats to itself by reflex. The same with the FBI, TSA, and NSA. Nobody has to tell them to spy on or harass their foes. They automatically abuse their positions and authority to destroy, malign, and marginalize any "legitimate" dangers to their entrenchment.

In an elective sense, this "Leviathan" is, (for all intents and purposes), untouchable - short of a complete socioeconomic collapse of our society. No politician - or even coalition of politicians - by deliberate design, has the power to put this beast down. This monstrous tick is so burrowed in public, private, and corporate America - and has bribed the willing support of so many sheeple/crony capitalists - that any talk of trimming it is pure fiction. It's a pleasant flight of fancy to be sure, and boy, would it be great if liberty foolishly tossed aside could be won back so effortlessly.

History teaches us a different lesson on the subject.

That being said, there are "solutions" which don't involve screaming "wolverines" at the top of one's lungs, and charging down a Bradley with your trusty AR. Such notions are plain and simple suicide. As is bunkering down while trying to mount any sort of defensive action. The Dividians and Weaver can tell you what outcome to expect. This is not to say a fella must to sit back and continually eat mouthfuls of shit - but you have to be crafty, especially right now.

Will it come to open warfare? Eventually, yes, I believe we will end up with a shooting war. But the stage has to be properly set first. As our founders well understood, it's not just a fight, it's a theatrical production. As such, there are steps that need to be taken in correct sequence. Proper preparation prevents piss poor performance - and terrible box-office receipts.

Please refer to my "getting-starting" guide here:

Will there be a scuffle? Yeah. Will it be pretty? No, these things never are. Is right now the time to start hanging them? Nope - Not unless you're double 100% (x10) sure you're able to get away with it. In that case... well... what ya waiting for?

Silliness aside, right now is the time for preparing the axillary, putting away supplies, rabble rousing, crafting propaganda, and using the instrumentality of the system to damage the system. It's time for reconnaissance. It's when we should be getting in the best shape we can given our age. It's time for learning - everything from medicine to demolition to car repair. As Heinlein famously said - "Specialization is for insects." Yeah, get the 4th box battle-ready - but realize that all military weapons have a role, a time, and a place for their application. (Proper tool for the proper job at the proper moment).

It is my fervent belief, based on a lifetime of empirical evidence, that we can't use the ballot box to un-decay this rotting carcase. This is not to say elections serve no purpose. A liberty minded soul trapped in a festering Banana Republic can use the vote to further de-legitimize the system - by electing buffoons, charlatans, and idiots.

Erm... Well... to be honest, not much really needs to be done on that front… a quick perusal of the Washington D.C. political class reveals the American Public has been doing a fine job stacking the rogues gallery with cretins already.

Don't imagine how you are going to die gloriously to a stack at your door. Such notions are entirely the wrong mindset. Start small, begin with your immediate surroundings, and grow from there. For instance:

Carefully consider everything you'd need to care for your family if the American infrastructure takes a shit. Don't assume you'll get water if you turn on the facet, power when you flip on the lights, or gas when you trip the furnace/stove. Think about how you can cope without toilets in a sustainable and comfortable way. Then act on those plans. You can't pursue revolutionary goals if you can't first deal with your dear one's daily living.

Once you have those needs taken care of, start operating outside your blood circle. Networking with friends and acquaintances that have useful skills. Not just military knowledge - electricians, carpenters, plumbers, metal-workers, glass men, farmers, ranchers. You need to start going AROUND the government and it's goons. Stop using them as an intermediary. (And given the state of affairs, the large companies and FedGovCo are one in the same).

Barter with these folks where possible - you hurt The Beast on both sides of the transaction - and right now, our weapons are NOT 5.56, but greenbacks, skirting laws and tax evasion. Form good relationships with the people that keep things running - not only do you learn a great deal, you are making friends who, when "scofflaw turns into insurgent," might be inclined to play a role in the axillary - or look the other way while you're getting up to no good.

Next - Get your kids the HELL out of public school. And have lots of ‘em while you're at it. The future belongs to those who breed - why do you think the statists want to flood America with Mexicans? They squirt out kids and they love them some Behemoth, that's why.

Remember - the pro-government white base is too fucked up and selfish to even bother replacing itself. Their black base is largely stagnant too thanks to it aborting nearly 1/3 of it's babies and murdering a good percentage of their men/boys. The commies need younglings raised by folks of their mindset - as I said earlier - IT'S TIME TO FUCK FOR FREEDOM folks.

Yeah yeah, kids are expensive, and I ain't one to talk, given my horrible child-less divorce 34 years ago, but if you're not an old broken down man with a face made for radio such as myself, you can still probably cook a few buns. Get those ovaries and testicles into working order again! Every God-fearing constitutional conservative baby born into a loving household makes Overlord Obama and his evil puppet masters cry.

My Nephews and Nieces are doing it right. Oldest has 3 and is trying for 4. Youngest just got hitched over the summer, and already has freedom fighter #1 cooking. Middle niece has 2 already, with no signs of slowing down. I will do my part and see to it those kids have the best home and private schooling money can buy.

But never, never, never, never ever forget - Government school is parental malpractice.

So then, no, don't be putting out the range markers. You're fighting wrong if your are - playing to your enemies strengths. As I've said - every weapon has a time and a place. Not yet. (But do have it ready - if not for yourself, so you can train your younglings).

For now, prepare, network, make babies, propagandize, and inflict as much material damage to the system and it's legitimacy as you can without putting yourself in the cross-hairs. Overt stuff comes later, after the systemic collapse accentuates how illegitimate the unaccountable bureaucracy running the show truly is.

Patient predators dine on easy meals. Impulsive ones get trampled by the moose.

Every day you see something you could probably gum up - yes? Ask yourself - can I probably get away with it? What are the repercussions to me if I am caught? Weigh the probabilities and potential cost, then go about your life tossing spanners in the works.

This won't be like a conventional war, not at first. Escalation, rhetoric, starving the beast and crashing the system - forcing the state to eat itself and choke on it's own burdensome red tape. Leviathan will eventually do away with the pretenses - in order to save itself. Once that happens, the soft velveteen glove will come off the iron hand of tyranny.

Then… well now... more direct actions become justified, with more far public support. Make them pounce. We gotta talk till they shout, nudge till they shove, punch till they stab, and THEN we can shoot.

Baby steps. We can't leap from A strait to Z, no matter how much we are justified by this point. We have to raise the temperature to a revolutionary boiling point the same way FedGovCo has creeped it's long train of abuses and usurpations.

Example: In 2000, the concept of a federalized Police Force raping women at the airport, 17 Trillion in national debt, Open Federal reserve money printing to the tune of a trillion a year, and 90 million people on federal programs as their chief source of sustenance was UNTHINKABLE.

Now however? Oh-hum, welcome to daily life. This slow rot allowed a travesty to become "the norm" despite how truly and terribly horrifying the reality of it is. (Anyone still think the holocaust can't happen here?)

Escalation to the revolution has to take place in the same manner. Right now, "hanging the bastards" seems shocking to Joe 6-pack. If the stage show is properly executed however, the tit-for-tat will bring America to that destination, and the same folks who'd have recoiled initially, will be throwing rotten food while the bastards dangle and gurgle at the gibbets.

- LC HempRopeAndStreetlight

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*SilverDeth Note: Re-posted in entirety and edited for grammar and spelling with the original author's direct permission.

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