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Electoral Prisms and the Case for Secession

The fascinating thing about this election is how it's been "co-opted" by every interested party of any political stripe - and how it's being spun as "public reaction" to whatever personal bug-a-boo said entity maintains. In our view, such crowing is the work of pretentious assholes. (Naturally constant readers, since we are Alpha-Pretentious-Assholes, you can expect our own bloviation on the matter.)

Let's examine the playing field:

The Huffington Post claims this "Battle of the Little Big Horn reenactment" is due to the moonbats abandoning Ear-Leader on the field of battle. In contrast, Red State would have us believe it's because the moonbats stuck WITH Juggears like Reno to Custer.

Zero Hedge wants us to know everybody is impoverished and pissed-off at the farcical economy - while CNBC thinks the robust markets and lack of a $15.00 minimum wage somehow contributed to the Dem's downfall.

Drudge headlines paint a narrative of folks keening for the benevolent rule of Rockefeller RePubicans - 'cause God Bless the FUSA! On the other end of the spectrum, the KOS Kiddies announce the drubbing is because ye-old DemonRats didn't go full-on-freaking-commie - now that's "The-Thirst-Mutilator!"

Soda-ban-man Bloomberg wants in on the game - he thinks it's all the fault of Jesus-freaks and their guns - and only more government meddling in our bathroom can fix everything. Crazy-eyes Bachmann says it's because "God hates faggots..." ...or something. (We're still not quite sure on that one... she's a bit incomprehensible at times...)

Don't forget us anarchists. The more bat-shit-sovereign-citizens in our midst think this entire thing is a reaction to invasive government eating out our sustenance and civil rights (Full Disclosure - That's us). The black-block crew... who somehow managed to reconcile "libertarianism-and-extreme-socialism," (impressive mental gymnastics that), want you all to know that the "Wave of 14" is due to not enough free government healthcare and legal-pot!

Everyone, (us included), is pushing this event through their own little prism, trying to craft a narrative around what was, (in our opinion), most likely an orgasm of anger at an arrogant, amok government that's fucking up everything it touches. Rage is the only constant in the Dis-United States - regardless of which gaggle of nimrods steer the good ship Titanic into an iceberg. Near everybody intrinsically knows SOMETHING is wrong and that the state is failing. The evidence surrounds us - every federal institution is coming apart at at the seams - due to malfeasance, arrogance, incompetence or combinations of the three. It's all become too conflicted, too top-heavy, too unwieldy to work anymore.

(In that vein... perhaps EVERYBODY is right... and our only folly is attempting to highlight a single point of failure in a shattered vase.)

Meanwhile, the great wheel rolls along... crushing in it's path all it was allegedly designed to safeguard. Gone are the lofty ideals or noble intentions held by the inventors - the machine now only exists to sustain itself, and it will burn through every last crumb of the people's liberty and treasure before it comes to a sputtering crash.

No one can agree on a plan of action or who should carry it out - and the only near universal truth at this point - the one thing that pluralities of Americans can align with - is that we hate the bastards running the country - and the sons-of-bitches who vote for'em. Which side? Doesn't matter.

U.S. citizens are no longer united by beliefs, goals or principles. We have never, in all our lives, seen such a compelling argument for the dissolution of this nation. After all - What does the average person in Boise, Idaho have in common with someone dwelling in New York City, New York? Why should either have to sacrifice their beliefs when they are so alien? The BEST possible outcome is both sets of citizens "experience" Solomon's compromise - each a victim, subject to having their beliefs trampled upon in an agonizing attempt to make everybody "suffer co-equally." This is ostensibly the "ideal" scenario - as in the worst case, one set of people are wholly smothered by the other group.

What suckers we are, that we accept shared malaise as the preferred state.

Perchance it's time to stop pissing on one population's civil rights to placate another... and maybe we need to cease demanding folks be "satisfied" with a dead, split baby. Perhaps... it's time to entertain the notion of going our own way peaceably. The current trajectory leads to Civil War or a Hard Tyranny - a near inevitability when a populous has become as Balkanized as ours.

But who are we kidding... the statists - of all stripes, affiliations and denominations - will never deign to that. As C.S. Lewis famously said... "They will torment us without end... for they do so with the approval of their own conscience..."

The self-crowned-nobility of the FUSA would never "peaceably" tolerate anyone crawling out from under their yoke.

So be it.