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Dark Winter

Right here and now, we are watching tyranny unfold around us. Too many on the right refuse to acknowledge this. It's frustrating. No... that's wrong. It is infuriating. It is also disheartening.

It's critical we objectively evaluate our situation:

The enemy has irregulars, under the explicit protection of the courts and the government, destroying what they're told to destroy and killing who they're instructed to kill.

All avenues of resistance have been criminalized - with no legal recourse in the courts or through rigged elections.

The illegitimate powers lording over the FUSA are purging the military and police of people like us.

Once those who might keep oaths and remember kin are finished, the enemy will fill the ranks with true-believers - pulled from the very irregulars terrorizing us.

Once installed, the above people will gleefully pull triggers when ordered to - they look forward to slaughtering you and your families.

Does that sound terrifying? Good. Because "that" is now. "That" is our shared reality... this dark winter, the blackness closing in from the edges.

Understand that our enemies are not setting double standards so some stuffed shirts on talk-radio can score worthless debate points. Our foes are using deception, and a two-tiered corporate, regulatory and justice system to wage war upon us all. This is not hypocrisy - this is WAR.

Anyone's insistence to the contrary is wish-casting and dangerous - it takes only ONE SIDE to declare WAR. If the opposition refuses to acknowledge an existential struggle, well then... that makes the genocide the left fully intends all the easier. I sincerely doubt they'll thank you for the courtesy - as they murder you, your spouses, your parents and your children.

This is our situation. We are in danger. They want us dead, and by God they will make it happen.

Will we allow it?

I'd like to think the answer is no. I'd like to think we will rise up in anger and justified self defense, to protect all that we hold dear.

History says otherwise.

I pray that we, the wreckage of the once great American people, yet again defy history... and all its terrible precedent...

Dark Winter is Upon Us All