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Avenge the Walking Dead

Of all the sad words;
of tongue and pen;
The saddest of all;
"Silver was right - again."


Over the next few years, it will become commonly understood how much damage these injections did to people's immune systems - as well as the dangerously thrombotic immediate side-effects. The legal "immunity" Fat-Orange-Man granted these jew-run pharmaceutical companies will be sorely tested. (And murderous reprisals against the guilty are justified - if not absolutely mandatory).

In the final reckoning, the number of friends and family buried in this will dwarf any prior genocide. I'm comfortable with that descriptor given the scope of the atrocity. And I'm resolute that those responsible - from the doctors, to politicians, to media, to the corporations - must perish for their villainy. And they need to die in ways which will mortify future generations for as long as the written word exists.

Using the blood of the guilty, we must pen the story petty tyrants read to scare their children before bed.

Indulge me for a moment while I unfurl my crystal ball...

Avenge the Walking Dead

Do you recall the 90's legal ads running around 3:00 am in between reruns and Flowbee infomercials? The ones featuring bulbous, big-nosed lawyers suing for things like Mesothelioma and Lead Poisoning? Yeah. Those ones.

Regretfully, they'll be making a comeback...

"Hello! I'm Ezra Finkelstein, of Goldberg, Levant & Finkelstein Law. Were you or a loved one injured or killed by the experimental MRNA injections? If so, you may be entitled to substantial cash payouts. Call right now, at 1-666- JEW-4YOU. We will give you the relief you deserve! Call now - before it's too late!"

You may refer to me as "Nostra-Fucking-Damus" now. I can't help those of you who took this shit. You made your choice. But if possible, I will see you avenged.

Avenge the Walking Dead